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  • David Faden
    Oct 28, 2002
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      On page 231 of AIMA, the authors write, "One can even have categories
      of categories of categories, but they are not much use." If
      DomesticatedSpecies was of Species, wouldn't this make Species a
      category of categories of categories? If so, why wouldn't it be useful?

      On page 238 of AIMA, the authors write, "T(p _V_ q, e) <=> T(p, e) V
      T(q, e)." From the text I got the impression that "_V_" represents
      exclusive or. Is it supposed to be exclusive or? Then, should it be
      "T(p _V_ q, e) <=> T(p, e) _V_ T(q, e)" instead of what's written?

      Thank you.