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What Is Internet Fax?

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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Titus Hoskins
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      What Is Internet Fax?

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      Internet Fax is simply using the Internet or your email system to
      send and receive faxes. Since it is web based, you can send your
      faxes anytime anywhere; as long as you have an Internet
      connection and these days that's available just about

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      What Is Internet Fax?
      Copyright (c) 2007 Titus Hoskins
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      Internet Fax is simply using the Internet or your email system to
      send and receive faxes. Since it is web based, you can send your
      faxes anytime anywhere; as long as you have an Internet
      connection and these days that's available just about

      You sign up with an Internet fax service provider to get your own
      fax number (local or toll free) which you use in the same manner
      as you would use any fax number. There is a small charge for this
      service but keep in mind you do not need an extra phone line to
      do Internet faxing since everything is done online.

      Many small and large business owners are switching over to
      Internet Fax for some obvious advantages: it is very convenient,
      it is very fast, it offers more privacy, many faxes can be
      sent/received simultaneously (no busy signals) and it is
      available wherever you have the Internet. Plus there are no messy
      fax machines and no need for a second phone line.

      One of the most asked questions about Internet Fax relates to the
      confusion over just how the whole thing works. Many traditional
      fax users can't quite get their heads around the idea of having
      faxes without the traditional fax machine.

      Basically, you sign up with a fax service provider and get your
      own fax number and you send/receive your faxes thru your email
      system - your fax is attached to an email as either a TIFF or PDF
      format file. You can access your faxes from an online interface
      (your fax login site) where your faxes are received and sent. You
      can also store your faxes online there.

      What confuses most people who are not familiar with online faxing
      is the question: can I still send my faxes to the old traditional
      machines, since many of my business partners may not be using
      Internet Fax?

      The answer is YES!

      You can send your faxes to the old traditional fax machine and if
      they have your fax number, they can still return a fax to you via
      the old traditional manner or fax machine.

      Here's how Internet Fax works:

      You use a fax gateway or Internet Fax provider/server to handle
      your faxes. For example, say if you were sending a fax.

      Computer/Internet -> Fax provider/server -> Phone line -> Fax

      You use your computer and the Internet to log into your online
      account/page to send your fax to your fax provider/server which
      then uses the phone line to send your fax to the receiving fax

      If you are receiving a Fax

      Fax machine -> Phone line -> Fax provider/server -> Email message
      (thru Internet) -> Your Email account

      Someone uses a fax machine to send you a fax which goes thru the
      phone line to your fax provider/server which converts it into a
      TIFF or PDF file and sends you an email message with your fax
      attached in your email.

      If both parties are using Internet Fax, then your faxes can be
      sent/received using your email systems over the Internet.

      Computer/email -> Fax provider/server -> Computer/email

      What you really have to keep in mind, once you sign up for an
      Internet fax service you will have an online interface (login
      site) where you can send and receive your faxes. Then when you
      send or receive a fax, you get a confirmation in your web
      interface and/or by email.

      This offers some great advantages such as receiving and sending
      your faxes whenever and wherever you access the Internet. No more
      busy signals, no more messy fax machines, no more nosy workers
      seeing the contents of your fax, and no extra phone line. Plus,
      many faxes can be sent/received simultaneously, even when your
      computer is turned off. No more missed faxes because your phone
      line was busy.

      However, in order to get all these advantages you have to sign up
      for an Internet fax service. There are many well known Internet
      fax providers such as MyFax, eFax, RapidFax, TrustFax,
      Send2Fax... and some very good lesser known faxing companies such
      as MetroHiSpeed out of Seattle and Faxage out of Denver.

      A word of caution, when signing up for any long term business
      service it pays to do your homework first. It pays to shop around
      mainly because even any small savings may prove significant over
      the long haul. Prices can range from very cheat (under $20 a
      year) to around $10 - $15 a month depending on the kind of
      service you need. There are many different plans and services,
      and keep in mind, you will pay more for International faxing.

      Internet Fax seems to be the way of the future as more and more
      businesses go online. Besides, as we become more and more
      modernized, computers are offering us simple and convenient
      solutions to many of our daily traditional business tasks such as
      faxing. Can your business or any company really afford to be left
      behind or not take advantage of the benefits of Internet Fax? Can
      you still remain competitive without Internet Fax? It's your

      For a handy online comparison chart of all the major Internet
      Fax Service Providers click here: Online Fax Comparison Chart
      (http://www.onlinefaxguide.com) For more detailed reviews
      of the different online fax services try here: Internet Fax
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