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  • Anton Hein
    Below is yesterday s FeedBlitz mailing of Religion News Blog s headlines. Click here for a free subscription to the daily RNB headlines newsletter:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2005
      Below is yesterday's 'FeedBlitz' mailing of Religion News Blog's headlines.  

      Click here for a free subscription to the daily RNB headlines newsletter: http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=2788

      Also note: we recently redesigned Religion News Blog, adding lots of resources to the front page.

      There are 13 new entries in "Religion News Blog"

      Hip, young Jews make their elders uneasy

      They wear irreverent clothes, marry outsiders. Youngsters say they are keeping the faith alive. This is what vibrant religious life looks like in one corner of American Judaism: • A T-shirt that says "W.W.B.D.?" above a sketch of Barbra Streisand. • A man in drag teaching Torah. • A Web site called Mazal Tov Cocktail, a self-described "encyclopaedia of Jewish radical culture" represented by a

      Ranch hide-out claim disputed

      A compound in Texas becomes a focal point as Arizona officials say the leader of polygamous sect is hiding there With 1,700 hilly acres and a gate accessible from a maze of back roads, the Yearn for Zion Ranch could be an ideal hide-out. Whether the West Texas compound is being used by polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs during his five-month flight from sexual misconduct charges became a conten

      Twelve Tribes opening coffee shop in Cambridge to meet neighbors

      CAMBRIDGE -- Members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel community have mostly kept to themselves in the 25 years since they started a communal farm on the outskirts of town. Now, they-re interested in getting to know their neighbors better over a cup of coffee -- or yerba mate, a drink brewed from an herbal stimulant. The group is putting the finishing touches on its new Common Ground cafe, which wil

      ScienTOMogy Website Tells Church of Scientology "We're Keeping Our Domain. See You in Court"

      Last month the Church of Scientology issued a cease and desist order to the Tom Cruise parody website, www.scientomogy.info demanding they shut down the or face a law suit of up to $100,000. The website-s owner has now hit back at the church stating "We have researched this and believe their claims are completely frivolous." He believes this is simply a way of "scaring any critics into instantly b

      Red light tour condemned as 'sick'

      Thomas Cook, Britain-s longest running tour operator, is launching family tours to see prostitutes touting for trade in Amsterdam- s red light district. The night-time excursions, which include a briefing about the -system- from a former prostitute, are open to children of any age, and the company boasts -under threes go free-. Last week parents and charities working to protect women in the sex i

      David Lynch promotes life of meditation

      When visionary director David Lynch took the podium at UC Berkeley-s Wheeler Auditorium last Sunday night, he looked out at a sea of about 700 faces and grinned. He stood there, tall and serene in a black dinner jacket, white shirt, skinny tie, his famous silver coiffure shining, scanning the crowd of students, deans and the curious with an earnest look on his face. "Good evening," Lynch said af

      China tries to keep the flock in official churches

      Government favors party-run version of Christian faiths Beijing -- The matronly woman reading the Bible to a dozen solemn migrant workers in her tiny but tidy living room heads a family of dangerous political provocateurs, in the eyes of the Chinese government. Her family-s crime: believing the state should have no role in how they follow their faith and share it with others. It-s a belief for

      Islam's Other Half: Muslim Feminists

      A growing movement of Muslim feminists is becoming bolder in its challenges of gender segregation, mandatory veiling, forced marriage and other practices some hold as central to faithful lives. Several months ago, when a group of Spanish Muslims approached city officials in Barcelona about sponsoring a conference on Islamic feminism, one responded, “Isn-t that an oxymoron?” That-s what many peopl

      Rekindling an ancient faith

      Recipe for reviving an ancient faith: 1) Research every detail you can through historical texts, archaeology and folklore. 2) Pray to the gods for divine guidance. 3) Invent as needed. Those are essentially the steps a local Druid order is taking as its members try to reconstruct the belief system of the ancient Celts. It-s not an easy task. There is only piecemeal evidence about how the anci

      Meditation centers planned for Twin Cities

      East Side site eyed for the first of 10 such -peace palaces- Transcendental meditation, largely a personal pursuit, by next year could reach community consciousness through the first "peace palace" in the Twin Cities. The Global Country of World Peace, the organization at the heart of transcendental meditation practice worldwide, is about to buy an open lot on St. Paul-s East Side. The palace, t

      Dalai Lama promotes harmony between faith, science

      Buddhist leader wins over crowd at D.C. gathering WASHINGTON — In an unusual marriage of science and spirituality, the Dalai Lama addressed thousands of the world-s top neuroscientists this weekend. He told them that society is falling behind in its efforts to make sense of their groundbreaking research. Speaking in Tibetan and halting English on Saturday at the 35th annual meeting of the Socie

      Iraqi Woman Confesses on Jordan TV

      AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- An Iraqi woman confessed on Jordanian state television Sunday that she tried to blow herself up along with her husband during a hotel wedding reception last week, saying that the explosives concealed under her denim dress failed to detonate. Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, 35, made her statement hours after being arrested by authorities tipped off by an al-Qaida in Iraq cl

      Dutch lawmaker continues criticism of Islam

      Former refugee tackles both tough cultural issues and threats to her life THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS - After he shot Theo van Gogh and slashed his throat, the assassin plunged a second knife into his victim, pinning to the chest a bloodstained message to the woman who was his nemesis: Dutch lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali. "You mince no words about your hostility against Islam, and for this your masters ha

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