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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Jan. 20, 2005

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  • Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Jan. 20, 2005 [Jehovah s Witnesses] Trial begins in stabbing death of Glenville woman http://religionnewsblog.com/9976/Carol-Ferenz The
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Jan. 20, 2005

      [Jehovah's Witnesses] Trial begins in stabbing death of Glenville woman
      The case posed an unusual judicial and religious issue because Carol Ferenz, a devout Jehovah's Witness, declined a potentially life-saving blood transfusion in keeping with her faith.

      Prosecutors weighed manslaughter charges before charging Ferenz with murder, ultimately deciding that state law warranted the heavier charge though Carol Ferenz had declined medical treatment, Bernardi said.

      [Children of God / The Family] On tape, son of 'prophet' declares war on mother
      Oakland native David "Moses" Berg, the founding seer of the Children of God, put forth a prophecy about his new wife and new son on May 2, 1978.

      "Davidito and Maria are going to be the end-time witnesses. They are going to have such power they can call down fire from Heaven and devour their enemies," the sect leader proclaimed.

      "They are going to be killed. Then, after only 3 1/2 days, Jesus is going to raise them from the dead.''

      Not only did Berg fail as a prophet, but some now say his miscalculations will have a devastating effect on the group and its followers.

      [Benny Hinn] Paralytic walks before meeting Benny
      Kuria Kose, who was claimed to have suffered stroke in his right hand and right leg, was sitting in a chair watching the media per- sons' conversation with Bharathi.

      As the media persons were coming out, Kuria Kose, all of a sudden got up from his chair, walked up to them and shook hands with them to bid farewell.

      [Opus Dei] Don't judge Ruth Kelly's spirituality by what The Da Vinci Code says
      There's nothing sinister about Opus Dei, says former member Christopher Howse

      [Opus Dei] Kelly denies her religious belief will influence job
      Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, has insisted her faith is a private matter that has nothing to do with her new job.

      In a newspaper interview, Ms Kelly rejects suggestions she should break off links with such controversial groups as the hard-line Catholic organisation Opus Dei, with which she has been linked since being promoted to the Cabinet. The sect is portrayed as a sinister cult in the best-selling book The Da Vinci Code.

      [Netherlands] Dutch Muslim MP out of hiding after death threats
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a member of parliament for the centre-Right VVD, or Liberal party, was working with the film-maker Theo van Gogh when he was shot dead by a Muslim fanatic on Nov 2.

      She said yesterday she intended to publish a second volume of her controversial book Submission, which was the basis of the film.

      [Polygamy] Allen gives colleagues anti-polygamy book
      Utah lawmakers were handed some "light reading" for Tuesday's two-hour bus ride to Fillmore for the governor's State of the State address.

      Saying he wants to dispel the notion that polygamy is harmless - or worse - "a laughing matter," Sen. Ron Allen on Tuesday distributed 104 copies of God's Brothel to his House and Senate colleagues.

      [Abraham Kennard] Fraud trial in second week
      Kennard, who is defending himself against charges that he stole around $9 million from 1,600 churches nationwide, spent the morning cross-examining Bishop Willie Robbins Jr., a former affiliate of his company, Network International Investment Corporation.

      [St. Matthew's Churches] Recipient skeptical of Jesus letter
      "This is a scam," Damico said. "They ought to go to that postal box and see who's picking up that mail."

      The money actually goes to a St. Matthew's Church, a Los Angeles-based organization that has been accused of swindling donors.

      [UCKG] Mexican church promises miracles for cash
      With Catholicism losing its lure for some, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a Brazil-based evangelical Christian group that promises miracles for cash, is spreading fast in Mexico, the second-biggest Catholic country after Brazil.

      [Islam] 'End preacher's website of hate'
      An internet company is under pressure to pull the plug on inflammatory broadcasts by an extremist London-based Muslim cleric.

      Omar Bakri Mohammed makes live nightly appeals on the PalTalk site for his followers to support terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

      He claims Muslims have a duty to "hate" Western values, democracy and other religions including Christianity and Judaism.

      [Benny Hinn] Priests call off protests against US evangelist's meeting
      Karnataka's Hindu priests Wednesday called off protests against a prayer meeting here by American evangelist Benny Hinn after the state government assured there would be no conversions or healing sessions during the event.

      [Benny Hinn] Karnataka CM rules out banning American evangelist's discourse
      Karnataka Chief Minister N Dharam Singh today rejected calls for banning the controversial American evangelist Benny Hinn's three-day programme here from Friday, as BJP stepped up pressure seeking its cancellation and the pastor's arrest.

      [Benny Hinn] Pontiffs urge ban on Benny Hinn's discourse
      Pontiffs of various religious mutts on Wednesday stepped up their campaign staging dharna demanding ban on discourse by controversial American evangelist Benny Hinn commencing in Bangalore from Friday, but government reiterated that it cannot ban the programme.

      [Ruben Ecleo] 3 Ecleo cult members fail to dispute charge
      Three prosecutors from the Department of Justice (DOJ) got “plain mad” after three men implicated in the death of lawyer Arbet Sta. Ana-Yongco failed to submit their evidence in yesterday’s preliminary investigation.

      The DOJ panel flew in from Manila, only to find out that the three members of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA) did not receive the order directing them to present their counter-affidavit and other evidence.

      [Apollo Quiboloy] Cult probed for recruitment of minors
      Councilor Jose Molintas presented to the council on Monday a documented report on Erlinda Rillon, 60, mother of Arlene, a 19-year-old recruit of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Name Above Every Name Inc.

      Rillon claimed that Church founder and leader, Apollo Quiboloy, had been luring teenagers and young adults from Baguio to operate Quiboloy's ministry in Barangay Catitipan in Davao City.

      [Children of God / The Family] Murder-Suicide Leads to Secretive Cult
      A murder-suicide leads to a secretive cult accused of shocking crimes, adults routinely having sex with children. Tonight, 360 investigates. What really happened to the so-called Children of God? And what led this one-time child prophet to kill? [Transcript]

      [Children of God / The Family] Former cult member speaks from grave
      In the video, Ricky Rodriguez sits in his apartment, and from his kitchen table, documents his plan -- to hunt down and kill several members of a religous sect he claims sexually abused him and other children.

      [Apologetics Index] Apologetics Index / Religion News Blog needs your help
      Growing popularity of the sites has forced us to move to a dedicated server at a cost of $170/month

      [Children of God / The Family] 'Prince' of Former Cult Commits Murder-Suicide
      Members of the 1970s cult known as the Children of God believed Ricky Rodriguez would be the man to lead them to the end. But Rodriguez met a very different fate -- one that involved an act of revenge against the people who once saw him as a prince.

      [Islam] Prof sets forth 'How Islam Plans to Change the World'
      Wagner writes in his book that Islam has grown in America as a result of a detailed strategy that was already in place long before radical Islamists associated with Osama Bin Laden perpetrated the tragedies of Sept. 11.

      “Islam is a world religion with a well-defined culture and a developed strategy for taking control of the world,” Wagner writes in the preface of the book.

      [Faith Healing] Where is Filipino 'faith healer' now?
      Even doctors agree that faith can heal. But when faith healers become brands bigger than the faith itself, they tend to court controversy.

      The Benny Hinn episode, which is still unravelling itself in Bangalore, is mired in a controversy — not the first of its kind in Karnataka.

      [Opus Dei] A creepy scrape with the Da Vinci Code set
      My article described the members' practice of self-mortification (men across the buttocks, women across the back); I also mentioned the peculiar rule that states that single men, including priests, are not allowed to travel in a car with an unchaperoned woman. (I wonder how Ruth Kelly gets round that one as she goes about her ministerial business.) But, on the whole, the tone of my piece was respectful. Alas, The Spectator decided to have a bit of fun, heading it "Beating a path to sainthood". Worse, Nick Garland drew a cartoon of a man with his trousers around his ankles, merrily scourging his fat bottom while holding a halo over his head.

      That was the moment I was added to Opus Dei's secret enemies list.

      [Brethren] Veiled sect hails Bush, Martinez
      The group of men who formed the committee belong to the Exclusive Brethren, a reclusive religious group with roots in England and Australia. The group includes members from Knoxville, Tenn., Omaha, Neb., and other U.S. cities. Members of the Exclusive Brethren do not vote, read newspapers, watch television or participate in the outside world, according to published reports. So why would they care who gets elected in the United States?

      [Polygamy] Brave Author Details Living in Polygamy
      Daughter of the Saints
      (W.W. Norton, $14.95)

      "I am the only daughter of my father's fourth plural wife, 28th of 48 children -- a middle kid, you might say."

      Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson
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