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Apologetics Index update: Gilbert Deya Ministries

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  • Anton
    Gilbert Deya claims that his ministry is the fastest growing Ministry in the UK and worldwide. He thanks God for the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004
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      Gilbert Deya claims that his ministry is "the fastest growing Ministry
      in the UK and worldwide." He thanks God for "the visit of Her Majesty
      Queen Elizabeth II,", and for "the support of His Royal Highness King
      Mswati III" of Swaziland.

      Oh, and he believes in miracle signs and wonders, casting out devils,
      healing the sick," and so on.

      So much for the pomp (which, by the way, isn't all it appears to be).
      Now for the circumstances...

      Preachers who promise miracles, make big claims, and are into name-
      dropping are a dime a dozen. If he had stuck with doing just that, few
      people would have taken much notice.

      But Gilbert Deya did more. Allegedly, he not only promised. He also
      delivered. Babies, that is. Or, as Deya claims, "miracle babies."
      Gilbert claims that his prayers for women who have previously been
      unable to have babies, results in them becoming pregnant. They then
      travel to Kenya where they give birth to what Deya says are "miracle

      But there are some problems. Turns out that not everyone believes in
      miracles - and with good reason.

      Deya's activities are currently being investigated by Kenyan and UK
      authorities. Scotland Yard and the FBI have joined the probe.

      Here's what's going on with Gilbert Deya Ministries:
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