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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Oct. 26-27, 2004

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  • Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Oct. 26-27, 2004 Wed, Oct. 27, 2004 [Witchcraft] School keeps Halloween ban despite outcry http://www.religionnewsblog.com/9134-.html The
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Oct. 26-27, 2004

      Wed, Oct. 27, 2004
      [Witchcraft] School keeps Halloween ban despite outcry
      The school board in this Pierce County city stood firm despite pleas from
      an angry crowd: No Halloween in the schools. [...] Puyallup School
      District officials announced last week that Halloween festivities would be
      canceled in order to stop losing instructional time and to avoid offending
      believers in the Wiccan religion, sometimes known as witches.

      [Iglesia ni Cristo] Muslim scholars gather in U.A.E. to defend Islam
      Dozens of Islamic scholars have gathered in the United Arab Emirates to
      defend their religion against accusations of fostering terrorism and to
      denounce groups of co-religionist fanatics distorting the image of Islam.

      [USA] Texas Lifts Reprieve, Executes Inmate
      A man convicted in a 1992 murder case in which the troubled Houston
      police crime lab allegedly mishandled evidence was executed Tuesday
      evening despite last-minute legal battles and pleas from relatives of the
      murder victim that his life be spared.

      [USA] U.S. Acts Against General Who Saw a 'Christian' War
      The U.S. Army has taken action against Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who
      embarrassed the Bush administration by giving speeches in which he
      described the war on terrorism as a Christian battle against Satan.

      [Anglican / Episcopal Church] African clergy to train 'at home'
      African bishops meeting in Nigeria to discuss their future ties with the
      Anglican Church have decided to stop training African priests abroad.
      [...] Earlier, the head of the 300 bishops at the meeting condemned the
      ordination of gay priests.

      [Worldwide Church of God] Worldwide Church of God leaving Pasadena
      The Worldwide Church of God will soon leave the former Ambassador College
      campus, its home base for more than 50 years, for the smaller, less
      expensive trappings of an industrial building in

      [Media] Third Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index
      Reporters Without Borders announces its third annual worldwide index of
      press freedom. Such freedom is threatened most in East Asia (with North
      Korea at the bottom of the entire list at 167th place, followed by Burma
      165th, China 162nd, Vietnam 161st and Laos 153rd) and the Middle East
      (Saudi Arabia 159th, Iran 158th, Syria 155th, Iraq 148th). [...] The
      greatest press freedom is found in northern Europe (Denmark, Finland,
      Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway), which is a haven of peace
      for journalists. Of the top 20 countries, only three (New Zealand 9th,
      Trinidad and Tobago 11th and Canada 18th) are outside Europe.

      [Science and Religion] Gene tests prove that we are all the same under the
      The popular notion that skin colour can indicate physical or mental
      differences between groups of people has been demolished by a new analysis
      of the human genome, which declares race to be a biologically meaningless
      concept. [...] The findings destroy the central argument of white
      supremacists and other racist groups, and refute controversial theories
      that attempt to link intelligence or criminality to ethnic origin.

      [Hate Groups] Hate crimes confound authorities
      For reasons authorities and social scientists cannot seem to explain, a
      series of unrelated crimes with racial overtones has occurred in Snohomish
      County [Washington] this year.

      [Netherlands] Anne Frank's nationality
      Should Anne Frank be granted Dutch citizenship 60 years after her death?
      That question recently dominated the Dutch news media – and what had
      seemed at first a simple and sympathetic gesture towards Holland's most
      famous Jewish girl turned out to be a very complicated and thorny issue

      [Hate Groups] Two more Aryan Circle members sentenced
      Both protesting their innocence, two more Aryan Circle members were
      sentenced Tuesday to life in federal prison. Both Malachi David Wren, 35,
      and Victor Wesley “Pokey” Tucker, 41, were given life sentences on a
      charge of “continuing criminal enterprise.”

      [Hate Groups] Distribution of hate music puts schools, ADL on alert
      Houston-area teachers and administrators are being warned to watch for
      music CDs that encourage hate and violence. The Anti-Defamation League is
      particularly concerned about the ongoing distribution of more than 100,000
      compact discs by a Minnesota-based record company with apparent roots in

      [USA] Religion playing key role in determining next U.S. president,
      analysts say
      Americans are electing a president, not a pastor, a priest or a rabbi.
      Yet faith has become a key factor in the U.S. election campaign, with some
      analysts predicting religion will strongly influence the outcome of
      Tuesday's vote. Republicans have made no secret of their direct appeal to
      the religious right - white evangelical Christians who comprise up to a
      quarter of American voters by the broadest measures.

      [Hate Groups : Scientology] Groups criticize remark about 'bad gene pools'
      Black leaders from Harris County on Tuesday joined with a group founded by
      the Church of Scientology to denounce a psychiatrist's comment that many
      foster children come from "bad gene pools."

      [Trinity Broadcasting Network] Troubled SoCal religious network cancels
      live "Praise-a-thons"
      The world's largest Christian broadcasting network, whose founder
      reportedly sought to cover up a homosexual affair with a former employee,
      has dropped plans for its live telethon next week and instead will show 40
      hours of telethon reruns. [...] Network officials said the decision was
      made earlier this month due to concerns about the health of network
      co-founder Paul Crouch, 70, and his wife Jan, 66, who are its most popular
      on-air personalities. But they also acknowledge the decision would take
      the pressure off of guest pastors concerned about the controversy.

      [Da Vinci Code] 'Da Vinci Code' Fans Besiege French Village in Quest
      There's profit in things that go bump in the night, though for the mayor
      of the devil-infested French hamlet of Rennes-le-Chateau, it's the
      dynamite going boom that has him tallying the mysteries evoked in Dan
      Brown's bestseller ``The Da Vinci Code.'' [...] Just who or what the
      devotees of the novel are trying to dig up in Rennes-le-Chateau remains a
      lucrative bone of contention.

      [Lord's Resistance Army] Forgiveness for Uganda's former rebels
      For the past 18 years a rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has
      abducted more than 20,000 children. One and half million civilians have
      been displaced and an estimated 100,000 people killed. But while the
      Ugandan government says it can defeat the rebels using the gun, others
      hope for a more peaceful resolution.

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      Tue, Oct. 26, 2004
      [Jehovah's Witnesses] 'You've got to believe'
      Torn between their religion and love for their child, a Jehovah’s Witness
      couple from Sweden put faith in a Columbus doctor to save their little

      [Catholic Church] Vatican Releases Guide to Teachings
      The Vatican on Monday issued an exhaustive guide to the teachings of the
      Roman Catholic Church on social issues, reiterating positions against
      abortion, same-sex marriage and preventive war waged without compelling
      proof of a threat. Church officials said its release a week before the
      U.S. election was not intended to influence the vote.

      [Religious Freedom] Religious rights group sues L.A. over Messianic Jews'
      A Virginia-based religious rights group has filed a federal lawsuit
      against the city for its refusal to permit the display of a banner with
      the phrase "Jews who believe in Jesus."

      [Superstition] Very superstitious
      An edited extract from A Pocket Guide to Superstitions of the British
      Isles, by Steve Roud, published by Penguin.

      [Witchcraft] Halloween Ban Brings Boos In Puyallup
      And at least one self proclaimed Wiccan agreed with the majority of
      parents who attended the meeting. Wiccans are the religious group cited in
      school district guidelines as in need of protection from negative
      stereotyping. "I want to assure you that Wiccans, Pagans and witches and
      other members of our faith community on the whole are not offended," said
      Larry Klingele.

      [USA] U.S. Action Bars Right of Some Captured in Iraq
      A new legal opinion by the Bush administration has concluded for the first
      time that some non-Iraqi prisoners captured by American forces in Iraq are
      not entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions, administration
      officials said Monday.

      [Kabbalah] Kabbalah attracted Madonna more than fame and money
      Pop diva Madonna, who has almost turned the mystical Jewish religion
      Kabbalah into a brand name, has admitted that she took to the faith after
      getting disillusioned with her fame and money.

      [Christianity] Magician With A Mission Levitates In Front Of 400 People
      Kole noted that after painstakingly reading accounts in the Bible, and
      other historical documents describing eyewitness accounts of the miracles
      performed by Jesus, he came to the conclusion that the miracles were truly
      supernatural feats. [...] Not content to tell the audience that Jesus
      performed authentic miracles, Kole spoke of the Million Dollar Challenge
      sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation. "This organization
      offers a one million dollar reward to anyone who can demonstrate a true
      paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event under proper viewing
      conditions," he explained. "So far nobody has been able to claim the prize
      money; in fact no one has even passed the relatively simple preliminary
      test of their supernatural powers."

      [USA] President's fake religion questioned
      No president in modern times has had more faith in himself and wrought
      more injustice than George W. Bush. With his military madness and the
      violence in Iraq, reckless fiscal policies, tax structures that most
      benefit the rich and shift more of the obligations of government to the
      middle class and harm the poor, and positions on the environment that
      desecrate the earth and damage human health, this president acts as if
      injustice were a virtue.

      [Mormon Church] Belarus expels two Mormons for ''illegal missionary
      Authorities expelled two U.S. citizens for what they said was ''illegal
      missionary activity,'' the Belarusian security agency said Monday. The two
      were identified as Mormons who came to work with an international
      humanitarian organization called ''Sofia'' in the eastern Belarusian town
      of Mogiliyev, said the security service, known by its acronym, KGB. Their
      names were not given.

      Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson
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