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Apologetic Index Update

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  • Anton Hein
    Greetings! You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ai-updates (new URL, same list). -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2001

      You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at:

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ai-updates (new URL, same list).

      - Scientology
      - Religion News Report

      === Scientology

      I have added a link to the Scientology articles page. It leads to an excellent
      article by Stephen Kent: "The French and Germany Versus American Debate Over
      'New Religions', Scientology, And Human Rights."

      Note: Stephen Kent has demonstrated an excellent and thorough knowledge of
      Scientology's teachings, practices, goals and methods. He is an outspoken
      critic of Scientology, and thus is a frequent target of the cult's "dead
      agenting" practices.

      In addition, Stephen Kent exposes the work of cult defenders, which explains why
      he also has become a target of abuse by such folks as CESNUR's Massimo

      Unlike many who try to address European concerns regarding cults and human
      rights, Kent has a thorough knowledge and understanding of these issues. I
      highly recommend this article.

      More about Stephen Kent

      More about Scientology's "dead agenting" practices:

      More about Scientology:

      More about CESNUR

      === Religion News Report

      The Jan. 25, 2001 issue of RNR is now archived at:

      It includes the following items:

      === Aum Shinrikyo
      1. Aum facilities inspected by agency
      2. Aum's Joyu moves to Setagaya

      === Falun Gong
      3. Powell Tells China To Be Tolerant
      4. China Rebukes US Comments On Falun Gong Crackdown
      5. Falun Gong denies tie to self-immolation attempts
      6. New Year, New Crackdown
      7. Can They March? Move to ban Falun Gong from parade
      8. Tales of torture from Falun Gong follower

      === Scientology
      9. New jurisdictions for the Scientology Task Force
      10. In Denmark Scientology charges Hamburg resident Caberta

      === Unification Church
      11. Evangelicals unaware inaugural event was sponsored by Unification leader

      » Part 2

      === Hinduism
      12. No holy dip for Dalai Lama

      === Islam
      13. Girl's flogging in Nigeria violated pact - UNICEF
      14. Giving Muslims Temple Mount keys was a mistake: Chief rabbi
      15. Religious police arrest hairdressers giving western-style cuts

      === Mormonism
      16. Student sues U., cites religious bias
      17. Apologist Web sites merge, will answer anti-LDS claims
      18. A not-guilty plea in temple incident

      === Jehovah's Witnesses
      19. Ordering Jehovah's Witness to move poinsettias ruled discriminatory

      === Paganism / Witchcraft
      20. A passage into paganism: Author shares Wiccan ways (Starhawk)

      === Hate Groups / Hate Crimes
      21. White Supremacist Enters Guilty Plea
      22. French Auschwitz Group Seeks Symbolic Yahoo Damages
      23. Eminem 'influenced' suicide victim, 17
      24. Did 'Death Metal' Music Incite Murder?

      » Part 3

      === Other News
      25. Mexico investigates alleged attack on supposed satanic cult
      26. Dispute over an exorcism ends in death
      27. Jailed missionary faces long wait
      28 Peyote trial questions turn on race, religion
      29. Judge closes plea hearing in O'Hair disappearance case

      === Death Penalty and other Human Rights Violations
      30. Illinois Revamps Death Penalty Rules

      === Noted
      31. A little-known religion finds a stronghold in the Inland Empire
      32. Psychic Mutt Discovered!

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
      1180+ pages of apologetics and countercult information about cults, sects, and
      alternative religious movements.
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