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  • Anton Hein
    Greetings! You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at: http://www.egroups.com/group/ai-updates/info.html The Jan. 22nd and Jan.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2001

      You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at:


      The Jan. 22nd and Jan. 23rd editions of Religion News Reports are now archived:

      The Jan. 23, at http://www.gospelcom.net/apologeticsindex/news1/an010123.html
      issue includes the following items:
      === Falun Gong
      1. One dead as five Falungong set themselves on fire in Tiananmen
      2. Falun Gong members set themselves on fire as protest, witness reports
      3. CNN crew witnesses Falungong Tiananmen suicide
      4. China Says Five Falun Gong Members Self-Immolate
      5. China spooked by its failure to crush Falungong
      6. Falungong: the mysterious thorn in Beijing's side
      7. China Braces For Falun Gong Protests Over Lunar New Year
      8. Banned Sect Sells Works In Hong Kong As Beijing Complains
      9. Key dates in emergence of China's banned Falungong movement

      === Falun Gong - Reports from China's governmen-controlled/influenced media
      10. China crackdown on Falun Gong publicity material reported

      === Scientology
      11. Scientologist Web site rips off urban75.com

      ยป Part 2

      === Unification Church
      12. Koreas Unification Church dipping its toe into South Pacific

      === Hinduism
      13. 3,000 naked novices sign up with fierce sect at Indian pilgrimage

      === Islam
      14. Nigerian girl flogged for having sex, despite Canadian and other protests
      15. Nigerian girl flogged in spite of international outcry

      === Mungiki
      16. Kenya: Sect members arrested in Nairobi slum area after clash with police

      === Other News
      17. God's Army Twins Admit No Powers
      18. Children rescued as parents are arrested
      19. Parents Starved Children 'On God's Orders'
      20. Marrying Minors Into Polygamy May Become Crime

      === Science
      21. British parliament approves cloning of embryos

      === Noted
      22. Commentary: Even conspiracy theories can be true
      23. Workshop to mine past for healing (VanPraagh)

      === CD-ROM
      24. Encyclopaedia of Sikhism on CD

      The Jan. 22 issue, at
      includes the following items:

      === Falun Gong
      1. Canadian Falun Gong Follower Says Tortured in China
      2. Canadian outcry helped Zhang avoid torture
      3. 'Chinese labour camp holds hundreds of banned sect'
      4. Force against Falun Gong 10 `was minimal'
      5. Falun Gong Allowed, Anti-China Activity not

      === Falun Gong - Reports from China's governmen-controlled/influenced media
      6. Signatures of One Million Chinese People Against Falun Gong
      7. Chinese anti-cult officials say Falun Gong severely violates human rights
      8. Beijing Students Say No to Cults
      9. Former Falun Gong follower denounces group
      10. Falun Gong followers warned not to disrupt Chinese New Year

      > Part 2

      === Scientology
      11. Scientology critic is cited for contempt
      12. Shock and Disbelief

      === Hinduism
      13. Hindus build monuments to their faith

      === Islam
      14. Mosques are brimming

      === Jehovah's Witnesses
      15. The Venus Eye Trap Courting Attention,

      === Witchcraft
      16. Boys denied school enrollment because of long hair

      === Hate Groups
      17. Aryan Nations members regrouping
      18. Many Nazi items will come with Aryan Nations compound
      19. City bills KKK for cross security
      20. KKK will reapply after permit request is rejected
      21. Who'll Watch the Haters Now?

      > Part 3

      === Other News
      22. Nepal: Jailed missionary before the court end of January
      23. Natural Law party gives up fight for floating Irish voter
      24. Temple tells militia to stay away
      25. Priest arrested over chicken carcasses
      26. Ritual Offering vs. Litter
      27. Thou shall not ...: WVU spared 'religious explosion'
      28. Aunt and 3 nieces fasted to death
      29. The lives and slow deaths of four women who fasted for God
      30. Sects may soon own TV licences
      31. Religious group claims victory as judge grants injunction against school
      32. Religious group, board dispute over fine print
      33. Jacko to be Uri Geller's 'best man'
      34. Mystery cross appears in bathroom window

      === Science
      35. Stephen Hawking debunks astrology

      > Part 4

      === Death Penalty and other Human Rights Violations
      36. A Race to the Death
      37. It's Hard To Justify Cuban Embargo

      === Noted
      38. The exorcists (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God)
      39. Missionaries flock to Britain to revive passion for Church
      40. ''Biblically illiterate'flock to classes (Alpha Course)
      41. Pastors with a past

      === Internet
      42. Paternity test (Chopra)

      === The Y-ners around the corner
      43. Fox aims to shut down university's science Web site

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
      1180+ pages of apologetics and countercult information about cults, sects, and
      alternative religious movements.
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