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ReligionNewsBlog.com , Feb. 6-7, 2004

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com , Feb. 6-7, 2004 Sat, Feb. 07, 2004 [Hate Groups : Scientology] Student leaves school for sect http://www.religionnewsblog.com/5991-.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
      ReligionNewsBlog.com , Feb. 6-7, 2004

      Sat, Feb. 07, 2004
      [Hate Groups : Scientology] Student leaves school for sect
      A commotion has broken out among students at the Vossius gymnasium in
      [Amsterdam] South because a fifth-grade student - who recently turned
      seventeen and for whom education is still partially compulsory - has decided
      to leave school in order to go fulltime into the Scientology sect. The boy's
      father, a dentist in Amsterdam, has been a member for decades, and has
      reached a high status in the sect (so-called Operating Thetan level 7). The
      leadership of the school has reported the incident to the city's compulsory
      education officer.

      [Islam] France changes its ban on religious symbols to gain support, weaken
      The government hoped for wide backing next week for a bill that would ban
      Islamic head scarves and other religious symbols in France's public schools
      as opponents of the measure geared up for a new street protest against
      measure. Two amendments generated by the opposition Socialists were adopted
      at the close of 21 hours and 30 minutes of parliamentary debate Thursday
      night. They included a last-minute compromise that allows a review of the
      law after a year to assess whether a change in language is needed. The
      conservatives hope the concessions lead to wide backing in a Tuesday vote in
      the National Assembly to lend unequivocal legitimacy to the measure. The
      bill then moves to the Senate.

      [Offbeat News] Girl suspended from school for saying 'hell'
      A second-grade girl from Pittsburgh was suspended this week from her public
      elementary school for saying the word "hell" to a boy in her class. But
      7-year-old Brandy McKenith says she was only warning the boy about the
      eternal comeuppance he could face for saying: "I swear to God."

      [Islam] Ban on veils may spread to hospitals
      As France's national assembly neared the end of a four-day debate on a ban
      on religious emblems in state schools, the prime minister, Jean-Pierre
      Raffarin, said "similar legislation" was planned to stop hospital patients
      refusing to be treated by male doctors. [...] Health administrators have
      reported cases of Muslim husbands who would rather their wives were denied
      treatment than be examined by a man. Women in labour have refused epidurals
      because the anaesthetist was male.

      [Lord's Resistance Army] Many missing, hurt after Ugandan rebel attack
      Twenty people were still missing from a camp for displaced people in
      northern Uganda's Lira district on Friday, two days after about 50 people
      there were killed during an attack by Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels,
      officials said.

      [Lord's Resistance Army] Profile: Uganda's LRA rebels
      The Lord's Resistance Army, which has been fighting the Ugandan Government
      for nearly 18 years, has become know for its brutality, but the reasons for
      their rebellion are less well known. The Ugandan Refugee Law Project has
      just interviewed 900 people from northern Uganda to try to discover just
      what it and its mysterious leader, Joseph Kony, stand for. The report says
      the seeds of this terrible conflict were sown in the defeat in 1986 of
      Presidents Milton Obote and Tito Okello by forces loyal to Uganda's current
      leader, Yoweri Museveni.

      [Lord's Resistance Army] LRA Resumes Hostilities in Uganda
      Fresh instability rocked Uganda yesterday as the rebel Lord's Resistance
      Army (LRA) resumed hostilities and killed at least, 40 persons in a raid on
      a camp for displaced civilians. Many more persons were wounded in the

      [Polygamy] Arizona AG vows action against polygamy abuse
      After decades of neglect, Arizona's Attorney General Terry Goddard outlined
      a bold new initiative aimed at cracking down on the abuse often associated
      with the practice of polygamy. Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard says
      it's time to crack down on abuse associated with polygamy. Part of that plan
      includes establishing a state justice center in Colorado City, a small town
      located on the Utah-Arizona border. Just about all of the city's residents
      engage in the practice of polygamy. The center should be built in the next
      90 days, Goddard said.

      [Offbeat News] Priest Bagged for Growing Pot in Rectory
      Roman Catholic priest accused of growing marijuana in his church living
      quarters pleaded innocent Friday. The Rev. Richard A. Arko, 40, said
      nothing in Summit County Magistrate Court. He is free on a $3,000 signature
      bond. [...] Police seized 35 pots of marijuana plants, rolling papers, a
      rolling machine, grinder and scissors from the Prince of Peace Church
      rectory, prosecutors say.

      [Islam] French Muslims ready to turn scarves into fashion
      Faced with a government proposal to ban "conspicuous" religious symbols from
      schools, France's biggest Muslim fundamentalist group says it will advise
      girls to convert their head scarves into discreet head coverings that can
      pass as fashion. Then the students can tell school officials that the
      scarves have nothing to do with religion, said the Union for Islamic
      Organizations of France.

      [The Passion of The Christ] ADL gains 2 backers in Gibson movie flap
      The son of evangelist Billy Graham and a former Republican presidential
      candidate have offered support to the Anti-Defamation League's concerns that
      Mel Gibson's upcoming film, The Passion of The Christ, may spark a wave of
      anti-Semitism. Abraham H. Foxman, addressing the ADL's National Executive
      Committee Friday at The Breakers, said Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy
      Graham Evangelistic Association, and Gary Bauer, a Republican candidate for
      president in 2000 and conservative Christian advocate, have contacted him
      and are willing to speak to the sensitivity that Jews have regarding
      Gibson's film. The ADL has been a vocal critic of the movie, which it
      contends portrays Jews as the killers of Jesus.

      [Brownsville Revival] Pensacola revival leader departs to minister to clergy

      The nation's longest-running Pentecostal revival already has seen the
      throngs of crying, singing and shaking believers decline from its
      evangelical heyday. It now will have to go on without the preacher who led
      it from the beginning. The Brownsville Revival started on Father's Day 1995
      and initially continued four or five nights a week at a stretch. Today, the
      revival is held one night a week. The Rev. John Kilpatrick, who had been
      senior pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God since the revival began,
      resigned in October to focus on traveling and minstering to other clergy.

      [Superstition] Chain emails have netizens in a bind
      The internet gives me sleepless nights these days," confesses 17-year-old
      Nisha Lakhina, "I'm scared that it could harm my parents, break my
      relationships and ruin my career." No, Nisha isn't a net addict or
      paranoid. Ten days ago, she received an email from one of her friends
      telling her that the soul of a religious guru is waiting to be re-born and
      to make others aware of his arrival. So, she should forward the mail to at
      least 20 people in two hours. If she failed to do so, the mail threatened
      that her near and dear ones will suffer, her relationship will break and she
      will face a dark future.

      [Hate Groups : Scientology] Fatal Impact!: Naval Collisions In WWII
      USS PC-815 would go on through the years to be the subject of debate between
      the followers of her first commanding officer Lt. L. Ron Hubbard (founder of
      the Church of Scientology) and his distracters. Their disagreement centered
      over the effectiveness of his leadership while commanding officer. [...]
      Assuming the presence of a Japanese submarine, Lt. Hubbard initiated an
      attack and notified HQ. He continued attacks throughout the day but without
      definite results. It was later decided by authorities that Hubbard had been
      misled by an underwater magnetic deposit. [...] On 28 June 1943, after
      exercises had ended for the day, USS PC-815 without authorization engaged in
      gunnery practice and anchored in Mexican waters. As a result, Lt. Hubbard
      was relieved of command.

      [Benny Hinn] The man behind the miracle man
      Could be another frenetic day in a high-society businessman's life. But
      Kripalani, chairman of the Indian Merchants Chamber, has a little-known
      facet: he's the brain behind American evangelist Hinn's upcoming prayer
      festival, Mumbai's largest event in recent memory. [...] Over a million are
      expected at the Bandra-Kurla Complex MHADA grounds between February 13 and
      15 for Dallas-based Benny Hinn's 'Festival of Blessings.' [...] The
      opposition comes not from the Hindu or Muslim fringe but from the Catholic
      church. Cardinal Ivan Dias, the archbishop of Mumbai. [...] But while Hinn
      caters to the masses, Atlanta-based philosopher Ravi Zacharias will deliver
      a provocative lecture in a downtown five-star hotel to the classes: a
      100-strong group of select civic leaders and businessmen. Municipal
      Commissioner Karun Srivastava confirmed his attendance today. "Benny Hinn
      handles the heart; Ravi Zacharias tackles the mind,'' says D S Soholkar,
      Zacharias' representative in the city.

      [Mormon Church] Sparks fly as U. rejects an LDS studies scholar
      History teachers at the University of Utah see no "intellectual or cultural
      merit in Mormonism," says U. religious historian Colleen McDannell. As
      proof, she points to the recent rejection of a controversial Mormon studies
      scholar for a Utah history position. In a Feb. 3 letter to U.
      administrators, McDannell said her colleagues' refusal to hire D. Michael
      Quinn, a Yale-educated author and excommunicated Mormon, is "blatant
      discrimination" and might be "actionable." [...] The dispute comes at a
      volatile time for the U. The school is battling the LDS-dominated
      Legislature over funds and guns. And a long-festering lawsuit alleging
      anti-Mormon discrimination in the U.'s theater department is headed back to
      court. On a more philosophical level, the personnel debate highlights an
      ongoing dilemma for Utah's public colleges and universities: How to promote
      free inquiry and academic freedom without disparaging -- or advocating --
      the LDS faith. The tightrope is especially perilous when the subject is Utah
      history, which can't be separated from The Church of Jesus Christ of
      Latter-day Saints. The course is required of every graduate who plans to
      teach history.

      Fri, Feb. 06, 2004
      [The Body] Freed ex-cult victim remains in Lakeville recovery center
      Karen Robidoux, the former Attleboro cult member convicted this week of
      assault and battery in the starvation death of her baby son Samuel, will
      take the next steps with her life in Lakeville. Since posting bail on the
      charges against her in October, the 28-year-old Robidoux has been a resident
      of Meadow Haven on Crooked Lane, a recovery center for people once under the
      influence of high-control organizations. [...] Meadow Haven founders, the
      Rev. Robert and Judith Pardon, say Robidoux was a victim during an ordeal in
      which coercion from members of the cult led to the death of her 10
      1/2-month-old son.

      [Satanic and/or ritual abuse] Martensville accused closer to malicious
      prosecution trial
      Four people cleared of sex abuse charges in the 1992 Martensville case could
      be ready to go to trial on their malicious prosecution lawsuit at this time
      next year. [...] Popowich and the others were falsely accused in the
      sensational case that featured allegations of ritual sex abuse, Satanism,
      animal mutilation and murder. [...] The stories of murder, animal
      mutilation and Satanism eventually were proved unfounded and the methods of
      police and prosecutors came under heavy criticism. Investigators had
      elicited the allegations by asking the children leading questions and
      prosecutors had gone ahead with charges despite police misgivings about the
      veracity of the claims. [...] Plaintiffs in the case are also watching with
      interest the way the government deals with another high-profile malicious
      prosecution case, brought by Richard Klassen, Sherry Kvello and their family
      members. Lawyer Lee Cutforth, who represents Sabourin, said that while the
      facts of the Klassen and Kvello case are different, the government has in
      both cases shown an unwillingness to take responsibility and instead is
      "really trying to win by attrition rather than on the merits," he said.

      [Satanic and/or ritual abuse] Sask pays $1.5M to family accused of sex abuse

      An advance payment of $1.5 million has been made by the Saskatchewan
      government to members of the Klassen family who were falsely accused of
      abusing foster children more than a dozen years ago. The money will be split
      amongst 12 members of the family, who were asking for $10 million in
      damages. It is not a settlement, however. "It is an amount that we are
      accepting for some of the pain and suffering that has occurred and certainly
      legal fees," Richard Klassen, the man who spearheaded a successful lawsuit,
      told The Canadian Press. Klassen and 11 others were charged in 1991 with
      ritualistically abusing foster children -- allegedly forcing them to eat
      eyeballs, drink blood, participate in orgies and watch newborn babies get
      skinned and buried. [...] The family recently won a malicious prosecution
      judgment in December against three civil servants involved in the case -- a
      Saskatoon police officer, a Crown prosecutor and a child therapist. While
      Saskatoon's police chief has apologized for his department's role in any
      suffering by those who were wrongfully accused, the province didn't follow
      suit. The province has launched an appeal of the judge's decision. It feels
      the judgment excessively widens the boundaries of what can be considered
      malicious prosecution.

      [Islam] Muslim stereotypes challenged in US
      The US Department of Justice is trying to combat racial stereotypes
      surrounding the Muslim community since the 11 September terrorist attacks.
      A training programme aimed at police officers and other public officials is
      seeking to increase understanding of Muslim culture, in the hope that this
      will defuse tensions.

      [Islam] French Ex-PM Urges Ban on Muslim Headwear
      Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe on Wednesday urged a "massive vote" of
      approval for a bill that would ban Islamic head scarves in public schools,
      as Muslims opposed to the measure protested outside the National Assembly.
      Women in head scarves and other opponents marched to protest the "law on
      secularism" - a move seen by supporters as key to maintaining France's
      cherished separation of church and state.

      [Ritual Killing] Peru Police Probe Possible Human Sacrifice
      A decapitated baby boy found on a hilltop near Lake Titicaca may have been
      killed last week in a human sacrifice ritual, police said Wednesday. The
      remains of the infant, believed to have been 7 months old, were discovered
      Tuesday in the Yunguyo area near the Bolivian border, a police officer in
      the regional capital of Puno told The Associated Press. Investigators
      believe the killing may have been a ritualistic sacrifice meant to appease a
      pre-Columbian earth god, because the body was found on the hilltop
      surrounded by flowers, liquor bottles and containers of blood. Highland
      Indians consider many Andean hilltops to be the homes of deities. Tradition
      says the first Inca rose from Lake Titicaca.

      [Buddhism] Three Tibetan monks sentenced to 12 years in prison by China
      China has sentenced three Tibetan monks to 12 years in prison for painting a
      Tibetan flag and possessing photographs of the exiled spiritual leader Dalai
      Lama, rights groups says.

      [The Body] Lawyer hopes case prompts more study of cults
      The lawyer for former Attleboro religious sect member Karen Robidoux said he
      hopes the case will spur more research into mind control and cults.
      Brockton defense lawyer Joseph Krowski Sr. said he researched numerous cases
      leading up to Robidoux's trial, and found there was little information on
      mind control. "I don't know why there isn't. There have been cults in the
      United States for several years," Krowski said Wednesday. "I think after
      this case, there will be people taking a look at this. Hopefully there will
      be more study on mind control," he said. Robidoux, 28, was acquitted
      Tuesday of second-degree murder, but was found guilty of assault and battery
      in connection with the starvation death of her 1-year-old son, Samuel, to
      obey a sect prophecy. The jury foreman said the prosecution failed to prove
      that she had the intent to kill her child jointly with her husband, Jacques,
      who is now in prison serving a life sentence for the boy's death in April
      1999. [...] Marc Perlin, associate dean at Suffolk University Law School,
      said to win a conviction for a crime, prosecutors must prove the defendant
      had the requisite state of mind to commit the crime. For a defendant not to
      be found responsible, Perlin said, "You clearly need that evidence of
      outside control for the jury to buy it."

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