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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Nov. 6, 2003

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Nov. 6, 2003 [Diana Napolis] Stalker of actress to be freed from jail http://www.religionnewsblog.com/4963-.html A mentally ill La Mesa
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Nov. 6, 2003

      [Diana Napolis] Stalker of actress to be freed from jail
      A mentally ill La Mesa woman who admitted stalking actress and singer
      Jennifer Love Hewitt is scheduled to walk out of jail today, but will have
      to comply with several conditions to remain free. Diana Napolis - who
      accused Love Hewitt of trying to kill her through mind control - must take
      her psychiatric drugs, stay away from computers and guns and seek court
      permission before traveling, a judge ordered yesterday. [...] Napolis, a
      former county social worker, made accusations on the Internet against people
      who opposed theories of satanic ritual abuse of children, but was never
      charged for those comments. Her campaign, much of it under the pseudonym
      "Curio," was the subject of a September 2000 Union-Tribune profile.

      [Transcendental Meditation] Vedic City officials meet with supervisors
      Vedic City officials were questioned about whether using tax money to
      support 500 Vedic pundits, or young men practicing the Transcendental
      Meditation program, would violate the constitutional separation of church
      and state. In response, they said the TM program is not religious in nature
      and uses "scientifically researched and verified methods" to create peace.
      [...] In 1979, the United States Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled TM
      was religious in nature. The appeals court's ruling upheld a lower court's
      1977 injunction against teaching TM in public schools on the grounds that it
      violated the separation of church and state required by the First Amendment.

      [Alternative Healing] Eastern art of healing to be used on horses
      The Japanese healing art of Reiki is being used on horses by a
      Carmarthenshire breeder and trainer. Joan Hunter, from Ponthenri near
      Llanelli, is in demand from animal lovers after qualifying as a Reiki
      Master. [...] She said when using Reiki, which is very much hands on, Joan
      hones in on 'energy centres' of the horse's body, which are known as

      [Forn Sidr] Norse mythology recognised as a religion
      Followers of Norse mythology, who worship Viking gods such as Odin and Thor,
      were on Thursday officially recognised as a religious community in Denmark,
      the ecclesiastical affairs ministry said.

      [Aum Shinrikyo] Woman who fled to North Korea was government mole in Aum
      The saga of a woman believed to be an ex-Aum Shinrikyo member who entered
      North Korea in August seeking asylum has taken another turn: she at one time
      spied on the cult for the government.

      [Malaysia] Malaysia bans tales of the supernatural
      Malaysia, which strictly censors foreign movies and books, has decided to
      ban tomes with "ghostly" tales and those touching on the supernatural,
      reports said on Thursday. Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung was quoted
      by The Star as saying that the government would no longer approve permits to
      import and publish reading material containing elements "calculated to
      entertain by frightening". These include books within the categories of
      mystery, mysticism, fantasy, occultism and superstition, he said. "These
      materials will create an unhealthy picture in the minds of the readers and
      influence them by such far-fetched ghostly stories," he said. However,
      titles such as the popular Harry Potter series would not be affected as they
      were deemed to be "benign", he added.

      [Forn Sidr] Old Norse mythology may be approved as a religion
      In other words, it appears as if the worship of Norse gods may once again be
      accepted as a religion after it was banned more than a 1000 years ago. The
      organization Forn Sidr - Asa- and Vanetrosamfunet may soon be approved as a
      religious community by the Ministry of Churches in Denmark. Approval as a
      church community means among other things, that appointed persons in the
      community can perform marriage ceremonies with legal validity.

      [Pornography] Web-site porn attracts women by the millions
      Nearly one in three visitors to adult Web sites is a woman, according to
      Nielsen//NetRatings, the industry standard for measuring online audiences.
      Studying the Internet use of 40,000 panelists at home and work,
      Nielsen//NetRatings estimates that 9.4 million women in the United States
      accessed such sites in September. [...] The editors of Today's Christian
      Woman, an evangelical magazine, had heard anecdotes of churchgoing women
      getting hooked on pornography, so they conducted a survey asking readers of
      their online newsletter if they had intentionally visited porn sites.
      Thirty-four percent said they had.

      [Voodoo] Jail term cut in voodoo death appeal
      AMSTERDAM - A 24-year-old woman was sentenced on Wednesday in the Leeuwarden
      Appeals Court to 18 months jail for assaulting a five-year-old girl during a
      voodoo-like ritual. Intended to rid the victim of the devil, the ritual
      killed the girl.

      [Hate Groups] Racist group claims growth in Colorado
      The National Alliance, a West Virginia-based white supremacist group that
      has been handing out fliers across Colorado, says it is growing in a state
      it once considered "a dead zone."

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