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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 25, 2003

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 25, 2003 [Zimbabwe] Zimbabwean Church Leaders Criticize Mugabe http://www.religionnewsblog.com/4622-.html Dozens of Zimbabwean
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 25, 2003

      [Zimbabwe] Zimbabwean Church Leaders Criticize Mugabe
      Dozens of Zimbabwean Church leaders have harshly criticized the policies of
      President Robert Mugabe. In a statement issued Thursday at least 59 Christian
      Church leaders accused the government of fostering anarchy and lawlessness
      throughout Zimbabwe.

      [Zimbabwe] Under siege
      In today's Zimbabwe, to speak the truth is to risk beatings, imprisonment,
      torture or even death. Yet growing numbers of churchmen and women are denouncing
      the human rights abuses being committed by President Robert Mugabe's government.
      Because of the government's severe restrictions on the media, a Radio
      Netherlands' reporter travelled undercover to Zimbabwe and spoke to an
      archbishop, a priest and a minister.

      [Hate Groups] Black Church Joins KKK Splinter Group To Support Ten Commandments
      About five members of the House of Prayer, a black Atlanta church, have joined
      the head of a Ku Klux Klan splinter group and a few dozen other people
      protesting to keep a Ten Commandments poster hanging in the Barrow County

      [Church and State] Alabama Justice Roy Moore gets Nov. 12 trial date in Ten
      Commandments case
      Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is scheduled to go on trial Nov. 12 on
      ethics charges stemming from his refusal to obey a federal judge's order to
      remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building's rotunda.

      [Islam] German court OKs woman's head scarf
      Treading into a debate that has flared across Europe, Germany's highest court
      ruled Wednesday that a Muslim teacher cannot be forbidden to wear a head scarf
      in a public school.

      [Religious Intolerance] Couple sues over omission of words 'Thank you, Jesus'
      A couple who purchased an inscribed brick for a state park playground are suing
      because the words "Thank you Jesus" were not included as they had wished. [...]
      Virginia Painter, a spokeswoman for the state Parks and Recreation Commission,
      said Thursday that the volunteers were trying to respect the constitutional
      separation of church and state.

      [Hate Groups] Klan Sect Defends Commandments
      A splinter group of the Ku Klux Klan is standing up to defend the Ten
      Commandments possibly being taken down from the Barrow County Courthouse. The
      rally, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Friday, could potentially bring together many
      dissimilar groups, with invitations going out to members of the House of Prayer,
      a predominantly Black congregation in Atlanta.

      [The Body] Cult babies remain unclaimed by kin
      The bodies of two infants who died while in the care of an Attleboro sect remain
      unclaimed in a Boston morgue more than three years after they were exhumed from
      a makeshift grave in a Maine park.

      [NXIVM] The Best Business Schools: Cult of Personality
      Raniere, who has no M.B.A., has shrewdly cashed in on the high-profit fad of
      executive coaching, a booming multibillion-dollar market. [...] But some people
      see a darker and more manipulative side to Keith Raniere. Detractors say he runs
      a cult-like program aimed at breaking down his subjects psychologically,
      separating them from their families and inducting them into a bizarre world of
      messianic pretensions, idiosyncratic language and ritualistic practices.

      [Treva Throneberry] Woman Who Posed as a Teenager Talks to Primetime
      At her trial, Stewart furiously denied that she was Treva Throneberry, despite
      the fingerprints, various personal ID cards and photos that investigators and
      prosecutors presented as evidence. She insisted she was Brianna Stewart.

      [Satanic and/or ritual abuse] Klassen initially believed abuse allegations
      Richard Klassen testified Wednesday that he initially believed the allegations
      that his father gave money to a small girl in exchange for sexual behaviour.
      Richard Klassen, a leading plaintiff in the civil malicious prosecution suit, is
      representing himself in the civil trial involving allegations of satanic ritual
      child abuse.

      [Neil and Christy Edgar] Father, Sitter Guilty in Boy's Murder
      The adoptive father and baby sitter of a 9-year-old boy who died after being
      wrapped from head-to-toe in duct tape were convicted Thursday of murder and
      child abuse.

      [Juda Israeli] Jesus was African, says sect
      Meet Kenya's Juda Israeli sect: Their gowns of white, pink and green flutter in
      the wind as they toil towards the peak of Kenya's second highest mountain, the
      4,321 metre (14,180 feet) Mount Elgon on the Uganda border. Although 3,500 km
      (2,175 miles) from Israel, the 1,000 strong sect believes its members are Jews
      and that one of the rivers running down the mountainside is the Jordan, in which
      every member must be baptised.

      [Falun Gong] Falun Gong turns to international courts
      Over the past 18 months, followers of the group banned by the Chinese government
      as an ``evil cult'' have filed at least a dozen suits in foreign courts against
      Chinese officials they accuse of rights abuses. Their biggest target: former
      President Jiang Zemin.

      [What's Your Name?] Man known as "What's Your Name?" is back in Delco
      Dressed like a disciple of Jesus, the man identified as "What’s Your Name?" has
      returned to Delaware County to preach the Good Word.

      [What's Your Name?] Holy man makes return to our region
      "Twelve years ago, I felt a calling to set out on foot without a coat and
      without money," says What's Your Name. "The basic message is love of God and
      love of neighbor. I do believe in Jesus as the savior, but everybody has God
      working in their lives. I encourage people to pray in their own way." Although
      his appearance is strikingly similar to popular images of Jesus, What's Your
      Name stresses that he isn't posing as the Christian Messiah.

      [The Body] Trial judge rules cult mom is sane
      An Attleboro cult mom cleared yesterday to stand trial for starving her baby to
      death has cut her ties to the authoritarian group after years of brainwashing
      and mental slavery, her lawyer says.

      [The Body] Sect workings probed
      The trial of Attleboro religious sect mother Karen Robidoux will include more
      testimony about the inner workings of the insular group than was disclosed when
      her husband Jacques was convicted of murdering their son last year, her lawyer
      and a cult expert say.

      [The Body] Sect mom competent
      The 28-year-old mother, who was accused with her husband Jacques Robidoux of
      starving her almost 1-year-old son Samuel to death in April 1999, has ``cut off
      all contact'' with the group, said the Rev. Robert Pardon, a cult expert who has
      counseled Karen Robidoux and has studied the sect.

      [Unification Church] Rev. Moon sizes up Yeosu as retreat
      The Reverend Moon Sun Myung, the globally known religious leader and
      businessman, has chosen Yeosu, South Jeolla province, as the place in which he
      wants to spend his remaining years, according to sources. The Tongil Group is
      about to start work on a large resort town in the province, the sources said.
      The Unification Church, which the Reverend Moon, 83, heads, has a business
      relationship with Tongil, which also acquired the Yongpyeong resort earlier this
      year. The resort was a contender to host 2010 Winter Olympics.

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