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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 16, 2003

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 16, 2003 Tue, Sep. 16, 2003 [Religious Retailing] Revolve New Testament trivializes Gospel message, Moore says on MSNBC
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Sep. 16, 2003

      Tue, Sep. 16, 2003
      [Religious Retailing] 'Revolve' New Testament trivializes Gospel message, Moore
      says on MSNBC
      Thomas Nelson Publishers' "Revolve" New Testament -- a New Testament packaged to
      resemble a fashion magazine -- "tends to trivialize the message of the Gospel,"
      Russell Moore said on MSNBC Sept. 13. Moore, assistant professor of Christian
      theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., appeared
      on the cable network to discuss the new a spokesperson for Thomas Nelson
      Publishers, Laurie Whaley.

      [Religious Retailing] Fashion Bible: Questions for Laurie Whaley
      Q: "Revolve,'' a Bible for teenage girls designed to resemble a fashion
      magazine, has zipped up the Amazon.com sales list with record speed. Isn't that
      unusual for the New Testament? How did you come up with the idea? A: We at
      Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville did some research and found that teens
      don't read the Bible. They say it is too freaky and too big and it doesn't make
      sense. The only thing they read is fashion magazines, so we thought, What if we
      made the Bible look like a magazine?

      [Religious Retailing] Bible gets a makeover as teen-girl magazine
      Behold Revolve, the New Testament disguised as a glossy magazine aimed at girls
      12 to 17, in which Holy Writ is jumbled alongside innumerable sidebars, splashy
      headlines and color photos — all minus the sexual titillation of Seventeen. New
      York's Daily News proclaimed the magazine "clever" and "funky," and one teenager
      enthusiastically told the Detroit Free Press that she doesn't look ridiculous
      reading it at lunch as she would a black-bound Bible.

      [Mormon Church] Crossroads Plaza Official Owned by LDS Church
      The Crossroads Plaza is now officially owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of
      Latter-day Saints. The church's real estate arm made the announcement

      [Polygamy] Cops try to help victims of polygamy
      Plans to build a new justice court in Arizona could be a boost to Utah law
      enforcement and might expand to include help for residents of polygamous
      communities along the border. [...] Douglas White, a Bountiful lawyer who
      represents Tapestry Against Polygamy, which is fighting to stop abuses in the
      polygamous community, said the summit and plans for a new substation are
      positive steps. The next steps are to locate the substation where FLDS members
      could go without being spotted, he said, and to ensure that all law enforcement
      officers who practice polygamy are fired. "People don't think of them as law
      enforcement," White said. "They think of them as bodyguards for the [FLDS]

      [Polygamy] Arizona, Utah plan justice court, sheriff offices for polygamist
      Arizona and Utah are a planning a justice court with room for sheriff's officers
      from both states that would serve the polygamist communities straddling the
      states' common border. Some polygamy opponents are opposed to the plan to
      locate the facility in Colorado City, Ariz. They contend it should be nearby but
      not where members of that community and adjoining Hildale, Utah, could be seen
      going for help.

      [Catholic Church] Pope accepts Cardinal Sin retirement
      The Vatican announced yesterday Pope John Paul II’s acceptance of the retirement
      of Manila Archbishop Cardinal Jaime Sin at the age of 75 and the naming of Lipa
      City (Batangas) Archbishop Gaudencio B. Rosales as his successor.

      [Obituary] Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong Dies
      Armstrong founded the Church of God International in 1978 after his father,
      Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Pasadena, Calif.-based Worldwide Church of
      God, excommunicated him after a dispute.

      [Kabbalah] Stick to the day job, Madonna
      The text would be simple, the moral clear based on the teachings of the
      Kabbalah, the esoteric Jewish sect that Madonna follows and the pictures
      captivating. Her inspiration came from the classics of the genre: Eloise, Barbar
      The Elephant and the Madeline stories. I wish I hadn't known all this. If I
      hadn't, I might have approached the first extracts of The English Roses,
      published in a British broadsheet yesterday, with modest expectations, which the
      story amply fulfils.

      [Kabbalah] Madonna's kids' book lands with a thud
      In other words, Madonna's just a poor little rich girl, and the rest of us only
      pick on her because we're jealous. There may be something to that. But it
      doesn't make her first book for children ("even grown-up ones," she suggests on
      the jacket -- ever the crossover artist) any less meretricious, cynical or
      unimaginative. Don't hate her because she's beautiful, the story transparently
      pleads. OK, we won't. But so long as she can't write her way out of a paper
      slipcase, we sure can't respect her very much.

      [Falun Gong] Falun Gong stages protest
      Bradenton is one of more than 10 Florida cities this quartet will visit this
      week during a national campaign to raise awareness of imprisoned Falun Gong
      members. Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Myers were also on their route Monday. Groups
      from other states will hit the rest of the United States and end the mission in

      [Islamism] Group faces eviction for celebration of Sept 11
      The company said the offices had been rented by Anjem Choudary, a chief
      spokesman for al-Muhajiroun, under false pretences. He took space at the
      building in December 2001 claiming he was a running a news agency and training
      centre for journalists. Instead, al-Muhajiroun has used the office to organise
      and promote its extremist religious and political views. Posters inside the room
      glorify the September 11 hijackers for making the United States "taste its own

      [Islamism] Muslim extremist tied to attack on missionaries is sentenced to death
      A Yemeni court on Sunday sentenced a Muslim extremist to death for assassinating
      a key politician and planning attacks against three American missionaries --
      including a woman from Wauwatosa, Wis. -- in December 2002.

      [Islamism] Hamas: EU Made Mistake in Terrorist Label
      he European Union committed a ``big mistake'' by blacklisting Hamas as a
      terrorist organization, but the move won't affect the group's resistance
      operations, a senior leader of the Palestinian militant group said Sunday. Hamas
      leader in Syria Khaled Mashaal said as the group's resources came from Arabs and
      Muslims, the EU ban would not affect Hamas' struggle against Israel's occupation
      of Palestinian territories.

      [Islamism] EU blacklists Hamas political wing
      European Union diplomats have been finalising details of their decision to put
      the political wing of the Palestinian militant group Hamas on its list of
      terrorist organisations. EU diplomats said that Hamas would be named as a whole
      - unlike a recent move by the United States which named individual leaders or
      charities suspected of fundraising for Hamas.

      [Taliban] Taliban threaten mutilation for Afghans who shave or listen to music
      Suspected Taliban have threatened to cut off the nose and ears of men who shave
      their beards or anyone caught listening to music in a district of southeast

      [Witchcraft] Witches curse Swiss referee
      Romanian witches are cursing Swiss referee Urs Meier to turn him lame and make
      him lose his whistling power after their country's European Championship hopes
      were dashed against Denmark.

      [Falun Gong] Judge Throws Out Falun Gong Suit Against Former Chinese Leader
      A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by China's banned Falun Gong
      spiritual movement accusing former President Jiang Zemin of waging a campaign
      designed to suppress the group. U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly, in a
      decision late Friday, held that as a foreign leader Jiang is immune from such a

      [Catholic Church] Mother Teresa Sainthood Moves Forward Next Month
      The Vatican, possibly at the urging of Pope John Paul II, reportedly considered
      taking the unprecedented step of declaring Mother Teresa blessed and a saint in
      a single ceremony.

      [Uniao do Vegetal] Appeals Court Rules on Tea
      A federal appeals court has decided that a New Mexico church's use of
      hallucinogenic tea is likely to be protected under freedom of religion laws. The
      U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction
      against the U.S. attorney general, Drug Enforcement Administration and other
      government agencies that sought to prohibit use of hoasca tea by Brazil's O
      Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal church, whose U.S. operations are
      based in Santa Fe, N.M.

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