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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 24 25, 2003

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 24 25, 2003 • Note: RNB has no control over the content of some of dynamic ads that appear within its pages. RNB is a non-profit
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      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 24 25, 2003

      • Note:
      RNB has no control over the content of some of dynamic ads that appear within
      its pages. RNB is a non-profit service. Advertising income makes a small dent
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      Mon, Aug. 25, 2003
      [Bible] A great flood of Bible mistakes
      [T]he final book of the New Testament is titled “Revelation,” without an “s.”
      This error has appeared frequently in print, from a Chicago Tribune quotation on
      “the apocalyptic messages that are found in Revelations” to Maureen Dowd’s New
      York Times mention of “a musical based on the Book of Revelations.” Bible
      experts consider that kind of mistake a shibboleth, from a story in the Hebrew
      Bible (or Old Testament) about using words as a test. In the 12th chapter of
      Judges, the conquering Gileadites are able to identify their enemies, the
      conquered Ephraimites, by making them say the word “shibboleth,” meaning “ear of
      corn.” Because of language differences, the Ephraimites pronounce it “sibboleth”
      and are immediately executed.

      [False Memory Syndrome] Volunteers at fake seance 'remembered' seeing table
      The ease with which seances can create false memories of supernatural events in
      the minds of believers has been revealed by a study. In an experiment, up to a
      third of people who attended a fake seance later "remembered" seeing a table
      levitate - even though infra-red cameras recorded that it remained grounded to
      the floor.

      [Church and State] Evangelicals push linchpin issue
      For many evangelical Christians, public display of the Ten Commandments
      represents a struggle over whether American society will embrace or abandon the
      Bible's standards. From abortion to homosexuality, a range of social issues in
      the nation's culture war resonates with this theme.

      [Mexico] American woman, husband arrested in murder in northern Mexico
      Cynthia Kiecker says she and her Mexican husband stood out as "kind of the
      hippies of Chihuahua," a conservative northern Mexico city where cowboy hats and
      boots are the norm. [... ] The couple says being different landed them in jail
      for the murder of 16-year-old Viviana Rayas. They have been accused of Satanism,
      and say they were tortured into confessing to the killing.

      [Superstition] Kids dunked against fear
      Sao Bartolomeu Do Mar, Portugal - Children shrieked and wailed on Sunday as they
      were dunked in the sea in the latest edition of a 300-year-old ritual that some
      believe purges them of their fears.

      [General Assembly CotFB] Deputies examine infant's death
      Sheriff's deputies continue to investigate the death of a Johnson County infant
      from an infection after her parents did not seek medical treatment because of
      their religious beliefs. [...] The couple, members of the General Assembly and
      Church of the Firstborn, trust in God to cure illness, said Tom Nation, an elder
      at the Morgantown-area Protestant church attended by the couple.

      [Faith Temple Church of Apostolic Faith] Autistic Boy Dies During Service
      An autistic 8-year-old boy died while being restrained during a church prayer
      service held in an attempt to cure him, and one man connected with the small
      storefront church was arrested, police and a church official said Sunday

      [Faith Temple Church of Apostolic Faith] Leaders were trying to heal boy who
      died during prayer, pastor says
      A pastor said Saturday that church leaders were trying to heal an autistic
      8-year-old boy when he inexplicably stopped breathing and died during a prayer
      service Friday night. During the hourlong session, the boy's feet and hands were
      restrained by his mother and other church members who prayed intensely for his
      violent tendencies to cease, the pastor's wife said.

      [Russia] U.S. Missionary Convicted of Smuggling Cash
      A Moscow court on Friday found U.S. missionary Andrew Okhotin guilty of trying
      to smuggle $48,000 through Sheremetyevo Airport and handed down a suspended
      sentence of six months, as requested by prosecutors. The court also ordered
      that the money -- which Okhotin said was from donations intended for Russia's
      Baptist congregations -- be turned over to state coffers. [...] Okhotin, a
      student in Harvard's Master of Theological Studies program, had a letter showing
      that the money was from donations collected in the United States by the Russian
      Evangelist Ministry. The group was founded by his father, Vladimir, who
      emigrated to the United States in 1989 after serving two years in a Soviet
      prison for his "anti-Soviet activities" -- a common charge for religious
      believers who refused to work as informers for the secret police.

      [Religion Trends] Growing Hispanic population flocks to Pentecostal, evangelical
      Traditionally Roman Catholic, Latinos in the Pacific Northwest are seeking out
      other branches of Christianity. The most rapid growth is in the Pentecostal,
      charismatic and evangelical churches, where congregations aggressively pursue
      Hispanic members.

      [Religion Trends] Religious groups reach out with marketing blitz
      Religious leaders say part of the reason for stepping up marketing to students
      is that young people now, unlike their counterparts in the 1980s and 1990s, seek
      structured spirituality after being raised by baby-boomer parents who rejected

      [Falun Gong] Falun Gong followers rally in Japan
      Some 200 followers of the Falun Gong spiritual movement rallied in Japan Sunday,
      accusing former Chinese president Jiang Zemin of massacre charges.

      [Mormon Church] Utahns devour and write a galaxy of fantasy fiction
      "Philosophically, one reason that Mormons do so well in science fiction is that,
      I think, science fiction is one of the genres people are writing in that has the
      highest ethical standard. . . . There are codes and rules and honor that I think
      fits well with a believing people," Adams said. Mormons also believe in a
      "premortal existence" and an afterlife, and that this is not the only world God
      will ever create. "A lot of things that seem fanciful to other people don't seem
      so out of the ordinary to the LDS," Adams said. "As a Mormon, it's not hard to
      believe in something you can't see and hear and touch right now." Television
      and film also show evidence of Mormons' interest in science fiction, Adams said,
      noting that 1970s TV series "Battlestar Galactica" had many LDS writers. She has
      even found an occasional Mormon influence in episodes of "Star Trek."

      [Yoga] Yoga, religion work hand in hand
      Once viewed by many Christians (and by those of other faiths) as a dangerous
      import from the East, yoga now is taking root in many church health and fitness
      programs. It's not something that the faithful enter into lightly. Some people
      still fear that by doing yoga they are practicing some New Age religion that is
      not Christian. Part of the confusion is that yoga means different things to
      different people.

      [Jehovah's Witnesses] Top court may rule on transfusions
      The Supreme Court of Canada may decide this week whether to hear an appeal from
      a local Jehovah's Witness who was forced by a court to have a blood transfusion
      against her wishes.

      Sun, Aug. 24, 2003
      [Elizabeth Smart] Elizabeth Smart TV movie slated for fall
      CBS will make a television movie about the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case,
      racing it into production for a November premiere. Family members said they will
      cooperate with producers. Elizabeth's parents, Ed and Lois Smart, also are
      writing a book with author Laura Morton that is expected to be released in
      October, they said.

      [General Assembly CotFB] Infant dies after parents reject aid
      A Johnson County infant less than 2 days old died Tuesday at her parents’ home
      of a treatable infection, after her parents failed to seek medical treatment
      during or following her birth. Parents of Rhiana Rose Schmidt, the deceased
      infant, are members of a Morgantown-area church that advocates faith healing
      instead of medical intervention.

      [General Assembly CotFB] Church elder: Faith cures sick people, not doctors
      What repeatedly draws attention to the church is a controversial stand against
      modern medical treatment that periodically results in a loss of health or life
      that most people would consider tragic. That belief — rooted in elders’
      interpretation of specific Bible verses — is under scrutiny again after the
      recent death of a 2-day-old infant whose parents avoided medical care during the
      pregnancy and complicated birth, investigators say.

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