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ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 13, 2003

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  • Anton Hein
    ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 13, 2003 [Nuwaubians] Judge denies request by York s main wife to see her son
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      ReligionNewsBlog.com, Aug. 13, 2003

      [Nuwaubians] Judge denies request by York's 'main wife' to see her son
      :===Begin Quote===
      A judge Tuesday denied a request from Kathy Johnson to see one of her children
      who is an alleged victim in a criminal child molestation case against Johnson
      and sect leader Malachi York.

      Johnson, who is described by York's followers as his "main wife," was arrested
      in May 2002 with York and implicated in federal and state charges involving
      child molestation of at least 13 children. Johnson's son is among those 13 named
      by the state as victims, and the state alleges that Johnson knowingly allowed
      York to have sex with her son.
      :===End Quote===

      [Nuwaubians] Nuwaubian sect leader will undergo psychological evaluation
      :===Begin Quote===
      Religious sect leader and admitted child molester Dwight ''Malachi'' York is to
      be transferred this week from a Georgia county jail to a federal penitentiary
      where he will undergo psychological testing to determine his fitness to stand
      trial, York's defense attorney said Tuesday
      :===End Quote===

      [Laci Peterson] Defense outlines cult theory
      :===Begin Quote===
      Scott Peterson's defense team Tuesday briefed two forensic experts on a statanic
      cult theory, including paintings and artwork near San Francisco Bay and an
      experiment showing that the pregnant Laci Peterson's body could have been placed
      in the water at the art site.

      Attorney Matt Dalton, using a laptop computer, showed artwork that he said
      depicted ritualistic killings and occult practices, and said the artwork could
      be found near the end of a peninsula in the bay.
      :===End Quote===

      [Hate Groups] White supremacist group distributes racist fliers
      :===Begin Quote===
      Racist fliers were scattered Tuesday on lawns and windshields in the town where
      Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is to go on trial on sexual assault charges.

      A white supremacist group acknowledged leaving the fliers -- headlined "Don't
      have sex with blacks" -- and said they were in response to the Bryant case.

      "We're concerned about areas such as Eagle County, where they have a relatively
      small number of blacks," Erich Gliebe, a spokesman for West Virginia-based
      National Alliance, said in a telephone interview.
      :===End Quote===

      [Mel Gibson] Passions collide over movie about Jesus' last day
      :===Begin Quote===
      Devout Catholic Mel Gibson's movie-in-the-making on the final hours of Jesus'
      life won't be on screens until February, but an early version has ignited claims
      it incites anti-Semitism.

      A Jewish human rights organization in Los Angeles already has received dozens of
      hate calls and letters based on news reports on the film, the Simon Wiesenthal
      Center told Reuters news service Tuesday.

      And another group, the Anti-Defamation League, charges that the current version
      of the film The Passion "unambiguously portrays Jewish authorities and the
      Jewish mob as the ones responsible for the decision to crucify Jesus."
      :===End Quote===

      [Laura Schlessinger] Dr. Laura Renounces Jewish Orthodoxy
      :===Begin Quote===
      In a little-noticed pronouncement, Schlessinger — who very publicly converted to
      Judaism five years ago — opened her radio show, "The Dr. Laura Schlessinger
      Program," with the revelation that she will no longer practice Judaism. Although
      Schlessinger says she still "considers" herself Jewish, "My identifying with
      this entity and my fulfilling the rituals, etcetera, of the entity — that has

      Schlessinger even hinted at a possible turn to Christianity — a move that, radio
      insiders say, would elevate her career far beyond the 300 stations that
      currently syndicate her show. "I have envied all my Christian friends who
      really, universally, deeply feel loved by God," she said. "They use the name
      Jesus when they refer to God... that was a mystery, being connected to God."
      :===End Quote===

      [Labyrinths] Churches trace ancient path for spiritual renewal
      :===Begin Quote===
      More than ever, labyrinths are being incorporated into places of worship and
      other public spaces.

      Unlike a maze, which seeks to confuse, labyrinths are seen as pathways to
      spiritual insight and clarity.
      :===End Quote===

      [Pop Spirituality] Spiritual Teacher to Stars Gets Book Deal
      :===Begin Quote===
      Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher whose fans include Oprah Winfrey and Meg
      Ryan, has agreed to a one-book deal with Penguin Group USA.

      Tolle, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is author of the best seller "The
      Power of Now."

      "His work is inclusive," Kellough, who represented Tolle in his negotiations
      with Penguin, told The Associated Press Tuesday. "He does not affiliate himself
      with any religion or any tradition. He embraces it all."
      :===End Quote===

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      [Pledge of Allegiance] Group Calls Pledge Of Allegiance Unconstitutional
      :===Begin Quote===
      The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday seeking to
      throw out a new Colorado law requiring teachers and students to say the Pledge
      of Allegiance.

      Mark Silverstein, legal director for the Colorado chapter of the ACLU, said the
      law violates the First Amendment.
      :===End Quote===

      [Polygamy] Jury selected in trial of polygamous police officer
      :===Begin Quote===
      Rodney Holm, 37, a polygamous police officer, is accused of having sex with
      Stubbs when she was 16. Stubbs said she was Holm's third wife. State law bans
      sexual relations involving 16- and 17-year-olds when their partner is 10 or more
      years older, unless the couple is legally married.

      Holm was 32 when he allegedly took Stubbs as a ''spiritual'' wife, which is not
      a legal marriage.
      :===End Quote===

      [Aum Shinrikyo] Aum Shinrikyo Has More Members In Russia Than In Japan
      :===Begin Quote===
      Aum Shinrikyo sect has more members in Russia than in Japan, Metropolitan Kiril,
      head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Foreign Relations Department, has announced.

      On Tuesday, Metropolitan Kiril met with the chief priests of the six largest
      Japanese churches. The Japanese delegation expressed regret that members of the
      Aum Shinrikyo sect, who organized a terrorist attack in Tokyo eight years ago,
      continue to influence the spiritual health of Russian citizens.
      :===End Quote===

      [Hate Groups : Scientology] Top Gun Tom Under Fire! . . . over claim church
      helped his dyslexia
      :===Begin Quote===
      "Top Gun" star Tom Cruise is under intense fire for claiming that his problems
      with dyslexia disappeared thanks to the teachings of the controversial Church of

      The heartbreaking learning disability that afflicts as many as 40 million
      Americans simply CANNOT be treated successfully with their method, say experts.
      :===End Quote===

      [Hate Groups : Scientology] Scientology finds a jury - in Pinellas
      :===Begin Quote===
      The case is an offshoot of the wrongful death lawsuit against the church by the
      estate of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who died in 1995 after 17 days in the
      care of the church, whose spiritual headquarters is in downtown Clearwater.

      In May, the church filed a motion to move the breach of contract case to another
      county after a survey suggested most Pinellas residents had unfavorable opinions
      of the church.
      :===End Quote===

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