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Religion News Blog, July 24, 2003 (Part 1)

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  • Anton Hein
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      [Falun Gong] Falun Gong Bring Their Cause To Capitol Hill
      :===Begin Quote===
      Cult is a word without much use outside the realm of religious mudslinging.
      Falun Gong certainly doesn't qualify in the limited, pernicious sense of the
      word: It does not coerce obedience, brainwash its members, gouge them for money
      or compel worship of its founder, Li Hongzhi. It doesn't wear down their egos,
      then build them up in the new image of the spiritually transformed. Most of the
      writings of Li Hongzhi, who now lives in the United States, are expressly
      apolitical. The basic Falun Gong motto, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,"
      couldn't be less threatening.

      But Falun Gong isn't just about these pleasant generalities. Its specific
      beliefs about how the body works, how science intersects with spirituality, and
      the benefits of practicing Falun Gong, are more controversial. Practitioners
      generally describe Falun Gong as a fusion of traditional Buddhist and Taoist
      elements, but there is a strong overlay of what -- from a skeptical, outsider's
      point of view -- reads like pseudo-science. Li Hongzhi's basic text, "Zhuan
      Falun," frequently claims that modern science has found evidence to support
      spiritual claims; for instance, that humans have a "third eye" that can be
      opened through spiritual practice.
      :===End Quote===

      [Crime] Police hunt for self-proclaimed faith healer
      :===Begin Quote===
      A self-proclaimed faith healer, who is wanted in connection with the
      disappearance of 15 members of a family, is also suspected to be involved in
      five cheating cases reported over the past 45 days.

      He is believed to have relieved his victims of cash and valuables.
      :===End Quote===

      [Shadowmancer] The good book
      :===Begin Quote===
      Graham Taylor (salary £16,000pa) had to sell his motorbike to get his first
      novel printed. This week an American publisher paid him more than £300,000 for
      it - and said he was 'hotter than Potter'. Martin Wainwright meets the Yorkshire
      clergyman turned literary sensation.
      :===End Quote===

      [Christianity] American gay bishop 'would shatter Church'
      :===Begin Quote===
      The worldwide Anglican Church will "shatter" if liberal Americans affirm the
      appointment of its first actively homosexual bishop later this month, senior
      evangelicals warned last night.

      In their most powerful statement yet, seven primates and a number of bishops -
      representing more than half the 75 million-strong Church - demanded that Canon
      Gene Robinson be stopped from becoming bishop of New Hampshire.

      They warned that, if his appointment is ratified by the Episcopal Church's
      General Convention, they are "prepared to respond", a signal that they are ready
      for the worldwide Church to split into two.
      :===End Quote===

      [Christianity] God 'wants openly gay priests in C of E'
      :===Begin Quote===
      God wants gay priests in the Church of England, the Anglican communion's first
      openly homosexual bishop has claimed.

      Canon Gene Robinson, 53, who will today be confirmed as the Bishop of New
      Hampshire in the United States, told The Telegraph that God was paving the way
      for the acceptance of homosexuals within the Church just has he had done with
      women and ethnic minorities.

      Earlier this month, Canon Jeffrey John was forced to resign as Bishop of Reading
      because of his open homosexuality.
      :===End Quote===

      [Archeology] Jesus ossuary' promoters unfazed by forgery arrest
      :===Begin Quote===
      The arrest of antiquities dealer Oded Golan, owner of the ossuary bearing the
      Aramaic inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus," hasn't put a
      damper on those trying to promote the find as inscription as genuine.
      :===End Quote===

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      [Christianity] This evangelist has a 'Purpose'
      :===Begin Quote===
      By 2004, about 2 million people will have joined in one of his "40 Days of
      Purpose" evangelism campaigns. They commit to read one of Life's 40 chapters a
      dayand participate in an intense program of worship, study, fellowship and

      Rick Warren is the master marketer of a single message: "You are here for God."

      Yet, the fellow behind this sophisticated international high-tech operation
      appears more like a backyard barbecue host — Hawaiian shirt, deck shoes, no
      socks. And no pretensions.

      "I couldn't care less about people coming to see me; I just want to build an
      army of the faithful," says Warren, a fourth-generation pastor who often recalls
      his father's dying wish: to "reach one more for Christ."
      :===End Quote===
      NOTE: Includes video

      [Christina Gallagher] Pilgrims told of impending doom
      :===Begin Quote===
      Stark warnings of impending doom were doled out to a few hundred pilgrims at the
      tenth anniversary celebrations of Achill’s House of Prayer on Wednesday last.

      In a message purported to be given to Mrs. Christina Gallagher from the Blessed
      Virgin criticism was levelled at the spread of commercialism throughout the
      :===End Quote===

      [Censorship : Mormon Church] LDS Church to Take Control of Main Street Monday
      :===Begin Quote===
      The City Council voted last month for Anderson's proposed land swap. However,
      the minute the documents are signed Monday, the public easement will vanish, and
      pedestrians will not have a right to walk through the plaza -- though church
      representatives say they plan to keep it open.
      :===End Quote===

      [Catholic Church] Mass. reports 1,000 church abuse victims
      :===Begin Quote===
      An in-depth examination of sexual abuse in the Boston Archdiocese found that
      Roman Catholic priests and other workers probably molested more than 1,000
      people over six decades. The Massachusetts attorney general called the figures
      "staggering" Wednesday as he issued a report with the findings.
      :===End Quote===

      [Word of Faith Fellowship] Boy brought out of church will stay out
      :===Begin Quote===
      A Florida woman who got her stepson returned to her after a March family court
      hearing, will get to keep the now 7-year-old boy with her.

      At a Thursday hearing before Judge Robert S. Cilley, an attempt by a Word of
      Faith Fellowship member to bring the boy back to Rutherford County was denied.
      :===End Quote===

      [Word of Faith Fellowship] DSS going back into court on church case
      :===Begin Quote===
      DSS goes back to court today for a hearing on its petition to take custody of
      four children currently in the care of a family in the Word of Faith Fellowship.

      A hearing will be held Friday in the case of the children of Shana Muse, a
      former member of the WOFF who is now attempting to regain custody of her four

      The children, who are between the ages of 8 and 16, remain in the care of a WOFF
      minister Kent Covington and his wife, Brooke.
      :===End Quote===

      [Satanism] Number of satanic sects increases
      :===Begin Quote===
      Over the past couple years, the number of religious sects, mostly satanic ones,
      have been increasing in Slovakia. The internet has become a fertile soil for the
      rise of different cults and sects that are often imported from Germany, the
      daily Národná obroda writes.
      :===End Quote===

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