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  • Anton Hein
    December 3, 2002: Yoga Last week, Israeli newspaper Ha aretz asked What prompts schools to offer alternative enrichment classes? The paper reports that [d]
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      December 3, 2002:

      Last week, Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz asked "What prompts schools to
      offer alternative enrichment classes?" The paper reports that "[d]
      ozens of [Israeli] kindergartens, elementary and high schools now
      offer yoga, Feng Shui, personal awareness and meditations, martial
      arts (such as Tai Chi, Chi Kong and Capoeira) and natural healing
      techniques (such as shiatsu, Reiki and reflexology)."

      Indeed, Christian discernment ministry Watchman Fellowship noted
      this trend years ago in the USA. One New Age practice increasingly
      taught at schools is yoga. Some claim it is merely an exercise
      program. Others claim it is a religious practice. Not surprisingly,
      Yoga Causes Tension for Public Schools.

      Learn more about yoga in our update entry.

      December 2, 2002:
      What Is Heresy?
      Gwen Shamblin, of the popular Weigh Down Worshop, adamantly holds on
      to heresy.

      Cult defender J. Gordon Melton has admitted that he does not know
      how to tell the difference between orthodoxy and heresy.

      Various movements and organizations are considered cults of
      Christianity because they teach heretical doctrines.

      Christians who lack discernment easily fall prey to such groups.

      So what is heresy? And how do you discern between orthodoxy and
      heresy? Find out in this updated entry

      November 26, 2002:
      Cult Defenders
      A handful of academics and a few of their supporters whine about the
      use of the term 'cult apologist.' Meanwhile, Apologetics Index
      continues to show how they got that name. We updated information
      under the heading Behind-The-Scenes Maneuvering and
      Collaborationism, and added a brief look at another example
      of 'scholarly' foolishness: Aum, Terrorism, and Cult Defenders

      November 24, 2002:
      Cult of Christianity
      Some organizations or movements claim to be "Christian", but their
      theology and practice shows that they are not. What are the warning
      signs? Find out in this updated entry defining cults of

      The Way International
      Research resources on the late Victor Paul Wierwille's The Way
      International, which theologically is a cult of Christianity.

      November 15, 2002:
      Dr Rowan Williams, who becomes head of the Church of England next
      month, has said he believes Christianity and Freemasonry
      are "incompatible" and has refused to appoint clergymen to senior
      posts because they are members of the Brotherhood.

      Learn more about Freemasonry, and find out why it is indeed
      incompatible with Christianity

      November 13, 2002:
      Global Country of World Peace
      (Note: As usual, we're not making this up).

      Last year, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi "announced that if some
      government gave him a billion dollars, he would end terrorism and
      create peace by hiring 40,000 yogic fliers to start hopping full

      Any questions?

      "When government money failed to materialize, the maharishi decided
      to fund his project through bonds issued by the Global Country of
      World Peace, which he founded last year as a virtual nation without
      any actual land." (Source)

      Yep, the Transcendental Meditation movement has actually set up a
      new, global 'country,' with its own king, its own currency, and the
      above-mentioned plan to bring world peace through, errr.., yogic

      November 9, 2002:
      Is Islam a tolerant and peaceful religion? Or is it embodied by the
      murder of civilians seen in New York and Tel Aviv? In his book, The
      Two Faces of Islam, Stephen Schwartz shows it is both. Booklist,
      quoted at Amazon.com, says Schwartz cautions against viewing Islam
      as a monolith, pointing out that even under the umbrella
      of "fundamentalist" Islam, there is considerable diversity. He
      argues that the most dangerous and oppressive brand of Islamic
      extremism isn't found in Iran or Iraq, but in America's closest Arab
      ally, Saudi Arabia. The latter supports an extremist brand of Islam
      known as Wahhabism.

      Religion News Blog
    • Anton
      Here are the latest updates from Apologetics Index: * The Mormons: The Most Conservative Religious Group In America
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        Here are the latest updates from Apologetics Index:
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