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38Apologetics Index Update

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  • Anton Hein
    Mar 4, 2001
      My apologies... I have been running behind on just about everything, and
      haven't mailed an update alert in a while.

      Since the last update mailing, 9 additional issues of Religion News Report have
      been archived:


      You may want to bookmark that link, where you'll find a listing of find the 10
      most recently archived issues of RNR.

      Note that the Apologetics Index front page also includes daily news items:


      In addition, under the "News" graphic, two java-script links bring you current
      wire services and web news reports on cults, sects and alternative religious

      Throughout the site, certain listings - such as those for Falun Gong, Aum
      Shinrikyo, and Scientology - also include direct links to current and archived
      news reports.

      I have recently added direct links to archived "Offbeat News" and "Books in the
      News" items:


      I have also posted, with permission, an article by Anthony C. LoBaido - an
      international correspondent for WorldNetDaily:

      Aum Shin Rikyo extends influence around world

      Additional updates have made throughout the site.

      === A word about our URLs

      I regularly receive mail from people who are puzzled by our site's URLs.

      Our main URL (and domain name) is http://www.apologeticsindex.org/
      However, since Apologetics Index is a Gospelcom alliance member, the site is
      hosted by Gospelcom - the most popular Christian web site (see press release
      below). Thus our URLs generally resolve to:


      In addition, Apologetics Index can be reached under these URLs:

      http://www.apologeticsindex.net (URL forwarding service, includes ads)
      http:www.graceandmercy.org (for a planned special section with articles on grace
      and mercy - the two features that set Christianity apart from any other
      http://www.religionnewsreport.org (currently leads to the RNR index page)

      For details about our linking and copyright policy, see:


      In closing, a press release from Gospelcom:

      :===Begin Quote===

      Chris Tromp
      Gospel Communications International
      (231) 773-3361, ext. 282

      SOURCE: Gospelcom.net

      * Most popular Christian web site * Gospelcom.net users viewed nearly 23
      million pages* Gospelcom.net tops religious category *

      Gospelcom.net tops the list

      MUSKEGON, MI., Feb. 27 -- January 2001 reports from Nielsen//NetRatings,
      the fastest growing Internet audience measurement service, confirm once
      again that Gospelcom.net is the most popular Christian web property among
      Internet users surfing from home and work. Traffic to Gospelcom.net
      totaled more than 1.2 million unique visitors in the month of January,
      leading all other Christian sites. Gospelcom.net users spent an average of
      eleven minutes at the site and viewed nearly 23 million pages.

      Gospelcom.net also ranks higher than such well-known Internet sites as:
      PetSmart.com, AutoBytel.com, BordersOnline.com, Palm.com, BeliefNet.com and
      the Coca-Cola company in terms of total number of unique visitors according
      to Nielsen//Netratings data.

      Additionally, in January 2001 Gospelcom.net topped the religious category
      from PCDataOnline, another prominent Internet rating service. Since 1995
      Gospelcom.net has been faithfully using the Internet to further the
      Gospel. It is thrilling to enter 2001 in such a strong position to
      continue expanding the ministry of Gospelcom.net, said company President
      Billy Zeoli.

      Gospelcom.net <www.gospelcom.net> provides a comprehensive range of unique
      applications and free resources for men, women, youth and families
      including: the Bible Gateway <bible.gospelcom.net>, a fully-searchable
      cross-referenced Bible and study tool with 23 Bible translations in 12
      languages; CrossSearch <www.CrossSearch.com>, a full-web filtered search
      directory; family-friendly movie reviews; Reverend Fun
      <www.ReverendFun.com>, humorous Biblical cartoons updated daily; and other
      community-building areas including chat, discussion forums and email

      Gospelcom.net is a ministry of Gospel Communications International and
      includes a strategic alliance of over 300 evangelical Christian organizations.
      :===End Quote===


      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
      1230+ pages of apologetics and countercult information about cults, sects, and
      alternative religious movements.
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