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369Here we grow again...

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  • Anton Hein
    Aug 4, 2004

      Thanks for all the heads-up messages letting me know that Religion News Blog is currently down.

      The site should be up again within a few hours - at a new server (same provider, though).

      Back in April this year we moved the site to a higher-capacity server account where we had room to grow. Turns out that we've grown quite a bit faster than expected - thanks in part to 22.000+ links into the site.

      In the process - and taking into account several recent spikes in traffic - Religion News Blog has overloaded the MySQL server. This is a secondary server that runs the database which serves up RNB's stories, and which takes care of nifty features such as fast searches, 'possibly related' headlines, and the headline news ticker (which is carried by nearly 3.000 websites).

      Unfortunately, the way things are currently set up, one doesn't quite know if and when the MySQL server is being overloaded until the server unceremoniously disconnects the responsible website. That is what happened a couple of hours ago.

      After discussing the situation with our provider, we have decided to go ahead and buy into the next step up. That means we'll be paying $69.95 month (up from $44.95), which will give us a more robust MySQL solution and 195 GB/month Bandwidth instead of 65 GB. (We're pleased to note that this is made possible due to the fact that Apologetics Index and Religion News Blog are reader-supported websites: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/donate).

      On to the next upgrade...

      Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson
      Apologetics Index
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