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36Apologetics Index Update, Feb. 9

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  • Anton Hein
    Feb 9, 2001

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      The Feb. 8 issue of Religion News Report has been archived:


      It includes the following items:

      === Aum Shinrikyo
      1. Prosecutors demand life imprisonment for ex-AUM follower
      2. Terrorism readiness assailed

      === Falun Gong
      3. Rights group attributes 7 more deaths to crackdown on sect
      4. Hong Kong Leader: Sect To Be Watched
      5. Hong Kong Leader Zings Falun Gong
      6. Hong Kong Lawmakers Seek Tung's Assurance on Falun Gong Freedom
      7. Dutch Move Raises Falun Gong Stakes for China
      8. Falun Gong war escalates as Dutch officials postpone trips
      9. Dutch Member of Parliament Urges Tough EU Stance on Human Rights in China
      10. Falun Gong not a reason for denying Olympic bid, Beijing says
      11. Chinese Papers Accuse Foreign Press
      12. China Mulls Murder Charges for Foreign Journalists

      === Falun Gong - China's Government-Controlled Media
      13. Reports from China's government-controlled media

      === Scientology
      14. Cruise files for divorce after war of religion
      15. Tom & Nicole's Holy War
      16. Scientology - help or hindrance?
      17. Scientology not behind Cruise and Kidman split
      18. 15 Scientologists on Trial in Spain
      19. Executive Presidium vs. Scientology

      ยป Part 2 === Mungiki
      20. Mungiki Officials Call For A Truce

      === Mormonism
      21. Olympic kingdom Games provide opportunity for Mormons
      22. Local writer delves into why LDS members become inactive

      === Jehovah's Witnesses
      23. Jehovah's Witnesses' trial in Russia said to be legally unsound

      === Hate Groups
      24. Pair in Aryan Nations suit sole bidders for compound

      === Other News
      25. Death of teen in sect probed (Gen. Assembly Church of the First Born)
      26 Faith healer parents probed in child death
      27. Prayed-over girl died of untreated diabetes

      === Noted
      28. Churches find believers in Silicon Valley

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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