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31Apologetics Index Update

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  • Anton Hein
    Jan 19, 2001

      You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at:


      The Jan. 18, 2001 edition of Religion News Report is now posted at:


      It includes the following items:

      === Falun Gong
      1. Beijing says Falungong creating chaos in Hong Kong
      2. Hong Kong 'reviewing' Falun Gong conference
      3. Beijing Defends Crackdown on Sect
      4. Cult ban is what the people want
      5. Anti-cult Association Set up by Former Falun Gong Practitioners
      6. China returns jailed follower of Falun Gong to Canada
      7. Santee: A global hot spot

      === Scientology
      8. Dismissal of Scientology Libel Suit Upheld

      === Buddhism
      9. 'Patriotic lama' helps snare Tibet in propaganda Web

      === Hinduism
      10. Yogi to Be Buried Alive at Festival

      === Islam
      11. Four Malaysia cult members each sentenced to 10 years in jail
      12. Mufti: Wailing Wall belongs to Muslims
      13. Islamic clerics unite to defend Afghanistan
      14. Chicago-area Muslims, Islamic university forge joint venture

      » Part 2

      === Mormonism
      15. Excommunication to Forgiveness: How the Franklin Covey co-founder's affair
      devastated his family -- but taught him what matters most
      16. LDS Visitor-Center UpgradesTo Stress International Flavor

      === Hate Groups
      17. HateWatch Says Goodbye...

      === Other News
      18. Twin Myanmar Rebel Chiefs Surrender
      19. Myanmar Twin Leaders May Get Asylum
      20. Supreme Court Rejects Church's Plea
      21. Romanian family refuse to bury woman dead for three months
      22. Statue Vandal Gets Boot
      23. China Satisfied Over Ties With Uganda: Vice President
      24. ‘Church’ clampdown
      25. Focus on the Family files censorship suit
      26. Jackson Fathers Kid Out of Wedlock

      === Science
      27. Cincinnati family gives $1 million to creationist museum
      28. Faith leaders join forces to oppose human cloning law
      29. Religious Leaders Question Research

      » Part 3

      === Death Penalty and Other Human Rights Abuses
      30. Falsely Accused Texas Man Freed From Life Term
      31. DNA evidence frees Texan who admitted '88 murder
      32. Perry calls for option to death penalty

      === Noted
      33. Presidency ends, but Clinton keeps spiritual advisers
      34. The Temple Mount's Indian counterpart
      35. Church decline: fact or journalistic fiction?
      36. PETA's campaign tough to swallow

      === Books
      37. New book counts believers: Islam, Hinduism gain; Christianity declines
      38. Son of a preacher man (Jay Bakker's autobiography)

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
      1170+ pages of apologetics and countercult information about cults, sects, and
      alternative religious movements.
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