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28Apologetics Index Update, Jan. 7, 2001

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  • Anton Hein
    Jan 7, 2001

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      The Jan. 5, 2001 issue of Religion News Report is now archived at:


      It includes the following items:

      === Aum Shinrikyo
      1. Man arrested after shots fired at AUM-linked residence

      === Falun Gong
      2. Banned Chinese Sect Is Spurred On by Exiled Leader
      3. Beijing, Falun Gong Trade Barbs
      4. China Lambastes Falun Gong Figure
      5. Beijing attacks SAR Falun Gong leader
      6. Singapore Falun Gong organization says it did not organize gathering
      7. Hong Kong, Falun Gong reach compromise on international meeting
      8. Xinhua Article on Uproars Produced by Falungong

      === Scientology
      9. $1.2 million recovered in fund scam

      === Unification Church
      10. UPI's de Borchgrave becoming editor at large

      === Buddhism
      11. Dream of freedom fades for boy lama

      === Hinduism
      12. Nepal turns down appeal from Norwegian missionary
      13. India taps Web to manage mammoth festival

      » Part 2

      === Islam
      14. Bangladesh court bans religious edicts

      === Jehovah's Witnesses
      15 Court OKs hospital's bid for transfusion
      16. Jehovah's Witness suicide plunge

      === Paganism / Witchcraft
      17. Brandi: The Teenage Witch
      18. Boy turned into yam is guarded by police

      === Hate Groups / Hate Crimes
      19. Extremist Group's Headquarters Raided
      20. FBI Raids Brooklyn Jewish Center
      21. Judge orders KKK leader to pay news crew
      22. White supremacist objects to prison diet
      23. Limits of free speech online
      24. Yahoo looks for hate
      25. MTV to List Hate Crimes Victims

      » Part 3

      === Other News
      26. Suicide-Cult Tale Spurs NYPD Alert
      27. Bizarre cult-suicied threat chills city hall
      28. Man Justifies Attack In Ranting Statement
      29. Russia registers 9,000 religious groups
      30. Students Fail To Prove Yale Violated Religious Rights
      31. ISKCON's free meals get kids back to school
      32. Santeria Priests Predict Stormy, Lusty 2001
      33. Better Future Predicted for Nigeria
      34. Rapist, Inspired by Bible, Cuts Off Penis

      === Death Penalty
      35. The Death Penalty's Days Are Numbered (Robert Jay Lifton)

      === Noted
      36. In Japan, spirituality search can lead to cults
      37. Support for people leaving sects
      38. Teen virginity pledges surprisingly effective, study says

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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