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21Apologetics Index Update, Dec. 2, 2000

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  • Anton Hein
    Dec 2, 2000
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      The Dec. 2, 2000 issue of Religion News Report has been archived:


      It includes the following items:

      === Aum Shinrikyo
      1. Japan Says Three Convicted Murderers Hanged

      === Falun Gong
      2. Canadian-Chinese sentenced for membership in Falun Gong

      === Scientology
      3. Scientology critics plan protest this weekend
      4. City teen's killer still on the loose
      5. Police: Scientology video links suspects to car break-ins, BB shootings

      === Unification Church
      6. Koreas Sun Moon setting up in Marshall Islands

      === Islam
      7. Mosque burnt in traders fury
      8. Fighting was planned, says faiths group
      9. Religious leaders see state role in Kenya clashes

      === Catholicism
      10. Pope Wants His Cultural Center In D.C. To Be A Religious Experience

      === Mormonism
      11. LDS copyright, Internet suit settled
      12. Settlement of LDS Church v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry
      13. LDS Suit Nearing Settlement
      14. Tanners say LDS suit is settled
      15. AT&T To Sell Salt Lake Tribune
      16. Suit Aims to Stop Tribune Sale
      17. Federal suit over LDS scriptures is possible
      18. BYU Gene Data May Shed Light On Origin Of Book of Mormon's Lamanites

      === Paganism / Witchcraft
      19. Teenagers search for spells and the meaning of life
      20. Court Denies Haun's Bid for New Trial in Dally Slaying

      > Part 2

      === Satanism
      21. Church arsonist pleads innocent in 3 more fires
      22. Cemetery damage 'hard to fathom'

      === Hate Groups / Hate Crimes
      23. A lifetime to think about hate
      24. Motel won't let Butler preach in conference room
      25. Skinheads Sentenced for Temple Bomb
      26. Mother's e-mail access cited in spread of hate
      27. State decides not to investigate religious harassment complaint

      === Other News
      28. Sikh leader facing murder charge loses top religious post in India
      29. Native American Church leader, wife arrested on drug charges
      30. Medicine men or drug dealers?
      31. Ogden Man Waives Preliminary Hearing In Religious Peyote Distribution Case
      32. Coalinga faith healer pleads no contest to charges of sex crimes
      33. Man who believed wife was practicing voodoo sentenced for her murder
      34. Psychics and wizards said battling for Russian minds
      35. Kazakh sect follower commits suicide near southern capital
      36. Judge sees this in woman's future: no refund from psychic

      === Noted
      37. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo Elected APA President For 2002
      38. Childhood of Shame
      39. Uriella suffers for Mankind (Fiat Lux)

      === Death Penalty / Human Rights Abuses
      40. Scandals Damage Cop Credibility, According to National Juror Poll
      41. Execution Opposition to Meet

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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