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20Apologetics Index Update

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  • Anton Hein
    Nov 29, 2000
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      You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at:


      The latest issue of Religion News Report has been posted to the Apologetics
      Index site:


      It includes the following items:

      === Aum Shinrikyo
      1. [Children barred from school]

      === Falun Gong
      2. TCD protests for Chinese dissident
      3. Persecuted Falun Gong practitioner flees to Troy

      === Scientology
      4. Scientology under the Christmas Tree
      5. Russian president: drugs are a threat to national security

      === Buddhism
      6. Buddhist temple's groundbreaking brings faiths together

      === Islam
      7. Lessons of Inclusion
      8. Muslims See New Clouds Of Suspicion
      9. Ramadan bolsters interfaith friendships
      10. Saudi Women Bound By Tradition

      === Catholicism
      11 Vatican ban on exorcism at Mass

      === Mormonism
      12. District Finds No Fault in Book of Mormon Dispute

      === Paganism / Witchcraft
      13. Suit Filed Against California Faculty Association Union
      14. Indonesian island sees spate of ''witch'' murders
      15. Fear grips Ghana as ritual killer claims 34th victim

      === Hate Groups
      16. City can't block Klan cross
      17. Germany braced for neo-Nazi terror blitz
      18. Aryan guard to be set free

      === False Memory Syndrome
      19. The sins of the mother?
      20. 'Retractor' helps others find answers

      === Faith Healing
      21. Court Rejects Faith Healers' Defense
      22. Parents convicted in death of diabetic daughter
      23. Faith healing experiences local revival
      24. Spokane has been home to popular faith healer before

      === Other News
      25. Praise the Lord and pass the cane
      26. Atttorney David Waters appears in court to face charges (O'Hair)
      27. Dutch legalise euthanasia
      28. Dutch Criteria for Legal Euthanasia
      29. Russian interior minister demands ban on extremist sects
      30. Kyrgyz people fight their own war against religious sects
      31. Vicar returns to work after sex change
      32. Britons claim to see host of angels
      33. Ministry building headquarters (Benny Hinn)

      === Religious Freedom / Religious Intolerance
      34. Religious Freedom on the Decline in Turkmenistan
      35. Fenton High limits religious songs after criticism

      === Science
      36. Proposed rules boost teaching of creationism
      37. Patent allows creation of man-animal hybrid
      38. France to Allow Human Embryo Research

      === Noted
      39. UK is 'losing' its religion
      40. Exorcists and Exorcisms Proliferate Across U.S.

      === Books
      41. Scholar Has New Theory on Old Testament

      Note: due to my computer problems (I am still using a loaner) items froms the
      last 5 issues of Religion News Report have not yet been added to the searchable
      news database.

      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
      1020+ pages of apologetics and countercult information about cults, sects, and
      alternative religious movements.
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