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  • Anton Hein
    Nov 28, 2000

      You receive this Apologetics Index update because you signed up for it at:


      A number of people have written to ask why I have not sent out any updates

      In short, this is due to computer problems. A voltage spike fried my old
      machine. Someone then loaned me money for a new computer, but the new machine
      turns out to have more problems than the old one... So far the store has
      refused to give a refund, even though by now they have already spent more on
      various repairs than they made in profit from the sale of the system.

      So I am now back to using a loaner - a machine that is just a couple of steps up
      from a rock :) But at least it is running off of a UPS (a thingamajig that
      takes care of voltage spikes, brownouts and other unscheduled disasters).

      Updates will be made to the site soon. My first priority is catching up with
      posting the Religion News Report newsletters, after which I will have to update
      the searchable news database.


      Anton (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      Apologetics Index: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/ / http://www.countercult.com
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      alternative religious movements.