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18Apologetics Index Update, Nov. 2, 2000

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  • Anton Hein
    Nov 2, 2000

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      Archived today:
      Religion News Report, October 31, 2000 (Vol. 4, Issue 280)

      This issue includes the following news items, linked to relevant entries in the
      A-Z Index:

      === Falun Gong
      1. 3 Falun Gong Members Die in Custody
      2. Falun Gong's Influence ''Corrosive'', Article from 'Qiushi' Says
      3. Falun Gong protests fade on China law anniversary

      === Scientology
      4. Bid for spiritual peace (e-meter sale halted)
      5. Facing Scientology's risk

      === Buddhism
      6. S.Korea Cancels Visit by Dalai Lama

      === Islam
      7. The Problems of Turkey Rest on Women's Heads

      === Mungiki
      8. Five Mungiki members held
      9. Police lethargy and the Mungiki craze

      === Paganism / Witchcraft
      10. Witches' fury with encyclopaedia
      11. New Witch Book Provides Perspective
      12. The allure of witchcraft is spellbinding and timeless

      === Hate Groups
      13. Aryan Group Loses Case, Holds March
      14. Raining on his parade
      15. Boisterous protesters razz Aryans
      16. Aryans Facing Tough Times
      17. Court asks government view on Klan suit against Missouri
      18. Neo-Nazis Attack Turks in Germany

      === Other News
      19. Thomas Green's trial delayed until January
      20. Federal plan to let Hopi sacrifice eaglets is criticized
      21. Zealots predict apocalyptic end to uprising (Temple Mount Faithful)
      22. New dates for Temple ceremony (Temple Mount Faithful)
      23. Possible schism threatens Baptists
      24. Southern Baptists in Texas cut $5 million from denomination
      25. Ukraine urges pooling efforts to combat religious extremism
      26. FTPS probes into 30 extremist religious orgns

      === Death Penalty / Human Rights Violations
      27. Report: 16 Executed Despite Evidence of Innocence
      28. Jurors to Get in Halloween Spirit

      === Noted
      29. A Religious Triple Play
      30. Biblical melange surfaces (Dead Sea Scrolls)
      31. She knows meaning of flower power

      === Books, Internet
      32. Harry Potter battles claims of Satanism
      33. An electronic medium to reach the dearly departed

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