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Re: How can we upload a mind?

April fool? The physical dimensionality we measure is entangled with the dimensionality that we do not consider physical including what we consider mental. It
Jim Whitescarver
1:12 PM

How can we upload a mind?

As Prof. David Chalmers explains, mental properties are non-physical and they are ubiquitous throughout the universe. This means that the whole world is in
Eray Ozkural
11:56 AM

Fwd: [MAGIC-list] First CFP: 8th Conference on Artificial General In

... From: "Marcus Hutter" Date: Jan 8, 2015 4:03 AM Subject: [MAGIC-list] First CFP: 8th Conference on Artificial General Intelligence:
Eray Ozkural
Jan 21

Please retract my signature from FLI

Dear Viktoriya, While the mission statement of your organization seemed fair at the time, I believe that the AI expertise level of your board is not
Eray Ozkural
Jan 12

Re: Fwd: [analytic] Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

Hello Eray, Thanks for sharing your paper and for the interesting links. As you know I hope to learn something about Solomonoff. But I'm wondering where you
Jan 8

Fwd: [analytic] Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

[Some comments on the philosophical significance of Solomonoff induction.] There are a few philosophically significant points to know about Solomonoff
Eray Ozkural
Jan 8

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

I see now. Ok, I think your effort is very important now because when physicians come to this area (strong AI) they often look childish and naive. But you are
Victor Smirnov
Jan 7

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

Rather than prove that physics is digital (which is unproven yet), I am arguing directly that the assumptions of quantum mechanics correspond directly to the
Eray Ozkural
Jan 6

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

Yes I am. I think it is much more important for us in short-term. But please get me correctly. I fully support your theoretical effort in AI physics. It might
Victor Smirnov
Jan 6

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

So.... in essence Victor, you are suggesting empirical research through examples ? ... So.... in essence Victor, you are suggesting empirical research through
Jan 6

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

That's fine but if you prove that local physics is digital (has finite algorithmic complexity), then you need to figure out some experiment confirming your
Victor Smirnov
Jan 6

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 9:53 AM, Victor Smirnov aist11@... ... That should really be broken down to some steps, my error, sorry. By Bekenstein's bound
Eray Ozkural
Jan 6

Re: Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

Hi Eray ... in the finite observable universe, therefore, μ can model the statistical behavior of matter for any quantum mechanical source... Could you
Victor Smirnov
Jan 5

Ultimate Intelligence (draft)

Dear all, I am writing an article about the physical evidence of AI theory, and a new physics oriented approach to making sense of the limits of intelligence.
Eray Ozkural
Jan 5

Fwd: [analytic] The Positivist Dispute online

No comment. ... From: larry_tapper@... [analytic] Date: Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 8:06 PM Subject: [analytic] The Positivist
Eray Ozkural
Dec 18, 2014
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