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18669Re: [MAGIC-list] Re: An argument against intelligent design (the simulation argument)

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  • Eray Ozkural
    Mar 18, 2014
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      Not quite but it's a good angle, I believe. We can't regard each subgraph equiprobable, but maybe that's why it's a good example of why that frequentist argument doesn't work at all: it is counting the wrong things.


      On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Gabriel Leuenberger <gabriel.leuenberger@...> wrote:
      A much simpler and intuitive argument against the simulation argument occurred to me lately. Imagine that the universe is a graph, such as QLG suggests, and our minds are subgraphs of it. A biological brain contains a bazillion times more subgraphs in the form of a map of a mind, than an efficiently simulated brain. Simply because it is way larger. This not only holds spatially, but also temporally, because biological brains run way slower and therefore the same subgraphs are repeated a lot more often in time, than in an efficient brain sim. In this sense a biological brain harbours a mind-state a bazillion times more often than a efficient brain sim. And in this sense, one could say, that there must be way more persons living in biological brains than in efficient brains sims and therefore we must expect to live in a biological brain.
      For calculating probabilities I would not directly compare the number of mind-subgraphs though. Maybe comparing log(number of mind-subgraphs) would be better.
      I hope this takes out the simulation argument.

      On Monday, 13 May 2013 02:45:47 UTC+2, Eray Ă–zkural wrote:
      I had written, a couple of months ago, an essay on the simulation
      argument. It contains a *generic* argument against any version of
      intelligent design, based on induction and AI. I think I had explained
      this argument to Laurent Orseau as well during AGI-12. Let me know
      what you think about it!



      Eray Ozkural

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