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18666Re: [ai-philosophy] "Gods" useful aspirational role-models

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  • hodossphaenodon
    Feb 21, 2014
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      Yes freedom to self-reconfigure frees the mind up to imagine and interpolate or extrapolate, but I refer to actual physics (null state is absent power, but the other two circuit states are active). To instantiate MVT as a system (in silicon) the state of the circuit needs to shift from hard-wired (finite-state) to soft-wired (analog-ous to infinite-state circuit) which is achieved by removal of the lock-step component (the pineal eye in brain evolution, or clocking mechanism of a circuit) see my refs to Thomson experiments. Phasic transients (volatility) is observable as the lockstep mechanism is removed and the circuit settles down. http://extropia.net
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