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18649Re: [MAGIC-list] Re: An argument against intelligent design (the simulation argument)

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  • walterhorn
    Feb 6, 2014

      It's wrong that your arguments against creationism require positivism.  That's just a religious icing you throw on top of it.  E.g.,

      1. There is no evidence that would favor creationism against evolution/cosmology theory.
      2. The a priori probabillity of creationism over evolution vanishes to zero.
      3. Therefore, the binary decision of creationism vs. evolution converges to evolution.

      is a compelling argument whether or not one agrees with Carnap regarding the analytic/synthetic distinction.  I know you'd like to use some sort of reductio involving religion to prove that Quine or Putnam or Davidson or whoever your current baddie was wrong about everything, but (I'm sorry to tell you), all your arguments along those lines are very bad.

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