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18643Re: [ai-philosophy] RE: Does it matter if we're all in a computer simulation?

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  • walterhorn
    Jan 25, 2014

      This is the guy I like on how to be happy:


      Then you throw in the (admittedly more pollyannish) Sean Achor on the tetris effect (he also has lectures on youtube--he's funnier, but not as academically credible), and religion is no longer necessary. 

      The important point, I think--a point that proslytizing atheists like Dawkins and Sam Harris don't get--is that not only will nobody give up their views, no matter how stupid they are, in order to be reasonable, when these views are providing quantifiable benefits to the believer, but, arguably, it would be irrational to do so.  (I'm thinking of the Newcomb Paradox here. "Who cares--I want the million dollars!")  What is wanted are the benefits without the bullshit.


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