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18560Re: [ai-philosophy] Signs of the tooth fairy

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  • Justin William Zijlstra
    Aug 30, 2013
      Irrational numbers are special elements of nature?

      2013/8/30 Roger Clough <rclough@...>

      Hi Eray Ozkural

      1. There is design in nature. At the very least, the elementary particles.

      2. One cannot create a design without external intelligence to form the design.
      In fact, that's one definiton of intelligence.

      3. Therefore some intelligence was needed to create the universe.
      The tooth fairy, perhaps ?

      Proof of 3 is also given by the improbability of the universe's structure,
      sxomething greater that 10^-255, as I recall.
      An improbable construction suggests intelligence in its creation.

      Hawkings dismisses this argument by the statement that the universe was
      all formed by the laws of physics. But he does not explain wqhere those laws
      camde from. The tooth fairy ?

      Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
      See my Leibniz site at

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      From: Eray Ozkural
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      Subject: Re: [ai-philosophy] Leibniz's final causationastheSelf,theactiveagentof change

      >In this case there is intelligent design which *is* creationism
      >Eray Ozkural
      >On Aug 29, 2013, at 6:26 PM, Lukasz Stafiniak wrote:
      >> On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 5:10 PM, Roger Clough wrote:
      >> Hi Eray Ozkural
      >> What's creationism ?
      >> Creationism is the misconception that structure, information, design, knowledge, etc. are either eternal or outside of "time" rather than an effect of a process of which it can be understood why it leads to such design, knowledge, etc. rather than a different outcome. (I put "time" in quotes; I want to stress processuality, not physicality.)

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