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  • Edzer J. Pebesma
    Two mailing lists related to gstat are now active: gstat-announce@geog.uu.nl and gstat-info@geog.uu.nl . gstat-announce is a mailing list for announcements
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 1998
      Two mailing lists related to gstat are now active:
      gstat-announce@... and gstat-info@... .

      gstat-announce is a mailing list for announcements regarding gstat
      (e.g. release of new versions, bug-fixes). It will get a few messages
      each year. The list is moderated, which means that only messages that
      are approved by the list owner (me) will be distributed.

      gstat-info is an unmoderated list. It is meant as a discussion platform
      for gstat users, addressing topics ranging from `how to solve this
      geostatistical problem with gstat' to technical issues like `how to
      compile gstat on platform X' or `what should make a good graphical user
      interface (GUI) for gstat' (I intend to start discussing the gstat GUI,
      which is currently under design, on gstat-info.)

      To subscribe to both mailing lists, send a message to majordomo@...
      with the following two lines in the body of the message (the subject
      line is ignored):

      subscribe gstat-announce my_name@...
      subscribe gstat-info my_name@...

      with ``my_name@...'' replaced by your mail address. (If you want to
      subscribe to only one list, remove the appropriate line.) To unsubscribe,
      simply modify ``subscribe'' into ``unsubscribe''.

      For more information on gstat, visit http://www.geog.uu.nl/gstat/ or
      http://www.geog.uu.nl/gstat/lists.html for the mailing lists.

      Best regards,
      *To post a message to the list, send it to ai-geostats@....
      *As a general service to list users, please remember to post a summary
      of any useful responses to your questions.
      *To unsubscribe, send email to majordomo@... with no subject and
      "unsubscribe ai-geostats" in the message body.
      DO NOT SEND Subscribe/Unsubscribe requests to the list!
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