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  • Bill Wingle
    Céline Rentier, ... It looks like I missed responding to you. I try not to let this happen; my apologies. This is not a problem I have run into before.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 1998
      Céline Rentier,

      > I have downloaded UNCERT (2.0a.beta) on IBM RS/6000. I have installed and
      > compiled it following the instructions gaved in the chapter 2 of the UNCERT
      > user's manual. But I have some problems when working with Uncert:
      > 1. There seems to be a problem with the pop-up dialog from the "Open" and
      > "Save as" options : the open and save buttons don't work.
      > a) I can't open a file directly from the menu (pop-up dialog). This is not
      > a very big problem because I can open it from the command line (UNIX prompt).
      > b) But I can't save any file. This is very annoying because I can't get
      > further in the use of UNCERT.
      > I am wondering if anyone out there had the same problem? If so, could you
      > please contact me (crentier@...)?

      It looks like I missed responding to you. I try not to let this happen; my
      apologies. This is not a problem I have run into before. Which module are
      you using, and what UNIX platform (SGI, SUN, Linux, etc.) are you using?

      As a comment, Version 1.20a was unstable; you really should download, and
      compile if necessairy, Version 1.20b.

      > 2. I have noticed that there isn't any executable files in Graph and
      > Contours directories (no plotgraph file and no contour file), so I can't
      > run them. Where can I get them?

      For whatever reason, it sounds like these did not get compiled and included in
      the version/tar file you downloaded. Which file did you download? To fix
      this you can 1) download a newer version (I highly recommend this), or 2) run
      make in the src/graph and src/contour directories. To run make, you may need
      to modify some of the parameters in each programs Makefile (try the
      Makefile."OS" file first though). If you're not sure how to do this, let me
      know what operating system you are using, and I may be able to help.


      Bill Wingle

      William L. Wingle, Ph.D. Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
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      (303) 273-3905 Colorado School of Mines
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