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  • Kim Forbes
    Attention GIS/GPS developers and vendors: There is now an exciting new outlet for distributing your company’s GIS/GPS products/services on the Web. We are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 1998
      Attention GIS/GPS developers and vendors:

      There is now an exciting new outlet for distributing your company�s GIS/GPS
      products/services on the Web. We are happy to announce that
      AppsData/Geomart will begin serving customers on July 1st. We would like to
      become a central location for distributing all GIS/GPS related software on
      the web. We are interested in distributing your products whether you are a
      large GIS company or a developer with one application.

      Visit the site today at http://www.appsdata.com and discover how, with no
      risk or fees, you can become a vendor and have another outlet for
      distributing your products 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world. We take a
      commission (less than most other distributors) on any products sold but
      there are NO fees for listing your products at the site (we pay for all
      site upkeep and advertising). AppsData.com is targeted at customers who are
      interested in GIS/GPS software and related products. In other words, our
      customers are YOUR customers!

      AppsData is easy to use and segmented into logical divisions of the GIS/GPS

      Software Applications
      Consultant Registry
      GIS Related Job Postings
      Event Announcements
      Data Products (Opening Soon)
      Training Classes (Opening Soon)

      If nothing else you'll want to list your services in our absolutely free
      consultants� registry!

      Everything at AppsData is automated, you don't need to be a computer expert
      to register or post products. Although we are automated and have
      sophisticated servers, we also recognize the value of the friendly human
      element so you can contact us by phone at (330) 929-1353 ext. 227 if you
      have any questions, concerns or suggestions.
      Kim Forbes
      RCS Management Group, Inc.
      2140 Front Street
      Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

      Visit = http://www.AppsData.Com = Desktop Mapping Superstore
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