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GEOSTATS: variogram summary

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  • Wiktoria Daniels
    My original request for help; ... Summary of responses Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my request. Programs which were suggested to be of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 1998
      My original request for help;

      >I am interested in obtaining programs that may be used to
      >automatically fit a model variogram. My application requires
      >large numbers of variograms to be fitted to small datasets therefore
      >speed and consistency are important. However, the code need not
      >attempt to resolve any complex structure as it is likely that
      >there will be insufficient information available for this to be
      >Does anyone know of any software suitable for the above application ?
      >Any method is fine e.g. fitting by least squares but I would prefer,
      >although any language is probably ok, source code in FORTRAN so that
      >I can easily fit it together with other tools.
      >I will post a summary of any responses sent directly.

      Summary of responses

      Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my request.
      Programs which were suggested to be of use were;

      1) SAGE95; a powerful software package that calculates and
      automatically models sample variograms (2 or 3D) (1 or 2
      nested structures). You can download the program at the web site
      Edward Isaaks
      Keith Blair

      2) A least-squares method that works using the GSLIB package. The code can
      be downloaded from the ftp site (ftp.iamg.org). The paper describing
      the method can be found in Computers and Geoscience (Vol
      Keith Blair

      3) The unix version of Geoeas (see the softfaq of AI-GEOSTATS).
      (uncertain whether the dos version has an automatic fitting).
      Grégoire Dubois

      4) The S+ spatial module, bearing in mind the need to learn the
      programming. There is a good book to lead you though, "Statistical models
      in S+" Chambers and Hastie 1993. See Isaaks and Srivastava 1989 to avoid
      violating any assumptions.
      Cathy Schloeder
      Michael Jacobs

      5) 250 variograms have been computed semi-automatically for the Kola
      Ecochemistry Project, from which an Atlas has just been released:
      Environmental Geochemical Atlas of the Central Barents Region (1998):
      NGU, Trondheim, Norway. (See also
      -- and their the report --or http://www.ngu.no .)
      All the geostatistical computations (e.g. variograms) were made
      using the program GEOSAN, which was developed at the department and
      is also commercially available from it.
      Rudolph Dutter

      6) VARIOWIN and GSLIB were also suggested, although these require user
      Carme Hervada-Sala
      Burak Yeten

      7) GSTAT http://www.frw.ruu.nl/gstat/
      Edzer Pebesma

      Wiki Daniels

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