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  • Martha Gorman
    Call for Papers Conferencia Ejecutiva de Sistemas Integrados de Información September 21-23, 1998 * Miami You are invited to submit an abstract for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 1998
      Call for Papers
      Conferencia Ejecutiva de Sistemas Integrados de Información
      September 21-23, 1998 * Miami

      You are invited to submit an abstract for the upcoming Executive Conference
      for Integrated Information Systems (Conferencia Ejecutiva de Sistemas
      Integrados de Información), Cesii which will be held on September 21-23 in
      Miami. This is an exciting opportunity to share your knowledge and
      experience with a respected audience in the following sectors:
      Telecommunications, Electricity, Gas, Energy & Mining, Water & Wastewater,
      Infrastructure, Cadastral, State & Local Government, and Natural Resources
      and the Environment. This event promises to bring together IT
      decision-makers from the key sectors and industries in Latin America and
      the Caribbean.

      Widespread privatization efforts, the need to improve customer service,
      regulatory reform, competitive pressures, a focus on environmental
      protection, and the challenges presented by the approaching
      turn-of-the-Century, are just some of many reasons a conference of this
      sort is critically timed. Demand for state-of-the-art information
      technology and enterprise-wide integrated information systems in Latin
      America has reached unprecedented levels.

      You can become an active participant in this important Pan-American IT
      summit by submitting an abstract for consideration for this year's
      conference. The paper selection process is expected to be quite
      competitive, thereby ensuring the highest quality educational program.
      Please feel free to visit the Cesii website at http://www.cesii.com for
      further information about the Conference, or call the Cesii hotline at

      Abstract Guidelines
      Please include the following information on a single page, follow all
      format instructions, and submit electronically if possible
      (cesii@...) or by fax (001-303-494-4787)
      Complete Address
      Telephone, Fax, E-mail address
      Title of the abstract
      200 word abstract
      Indicate primary audience: a) Organization-wide b) Project
      Implementation level
      List three learning objectives

      Abstracts will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English, talks may be
      given in any of these languages, and simultaneous interpretation will be
      provided throughout the conference. The abstract should constitute a clear
      and concise description of the presentation. If your abstract is accepted,
      it will be edited to 75 words for inclusion in the conference program.
      Please be sure to indicate whether your presentation is most appropriate
      for participants at the CEO level interested in the organization-wide
      impact of information systems, or if it would be most appropriate for
      Project/Systems Managers in charge of the implementation of integrated
      information systems in their organization. Please list three 10-word
      learning objectives.

      Selection Criteria
      The Cesii Advisory Board and organizers will make the final selection of
      abstracts using the following criteria:
      * The abstract must clearly indicate the theme and scope of the
      * The presentation must be original and be of interest to participants from
      more than one of the sectors addressed by Cesii
      * Abstracts will be reviewed for quality, originality, and relevance

      Abstracts must be submitted by April 6, 1998. It is your responsibility to
      confirm that your abstract was received. Presentations must be
      non-commercial. Speakers whose abstracts are accepted will be expected to
      submit a paper for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Papers will be
      accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and further paper submission
      requirements will be posted on the internet and sent to all speakers. The
      Cesii Advisory Board will review all papers and speakers will be asked to
      edit papers if necessary. The deadline for the submission of papers is July
      1, 1998.

      Speakers receive a complimentary registration at Cesii, the Executive
      Conference for Integrated Information Systems, September 21-23, 1998.
      Complete details will be sent with the speaker packet.

      April 6, 1998 Call for Papers Abstract Deadline
      April 15, 1998 Accepted speakers are notified
      April 30, 1998 Notification sent to declined speakers
      July 1, 1998 Papers due
      September 21-23, 1998 Conference dates

      E-mail abstracts to: cesii@...
      Fax abstracts to: 001-303-494-4787
      Mail abstracts to: Cesii * 4282 Eldorado Springs Drive * Boulder, Colorado
      80303 USA
      Questions: 001-303-604-2644

      Sample Focus Areas in which Papers are Sought
      Enterprise-wide IT Issues
      * Realizing the organizational benefits of Information Technology
      * To privatize, or not to privatize: Why IT and enterprise-wide integrated
      information systems are essential in either case
      * Using IT data to secure financing and loans for your organization
      * Increasing customer satisfaction with IT
      * Reducing overhead and increasing profitability with IT
      * Understanding organizational changes necessary in the Information Age
      * Your data as an asset and its impact on your business
      * Explaining IT to your governing body
      IT Implementation Issues
      * Project Case Studies in any Cesii sector
      * Relational databases: centralized vs. distributed
      * Incorporating spatial data into the Information System
      * Data conversion concerns: how to achieve quality digital data using
      questionable source documents
      * Departmental impact of Information Systems integration: working together
      * Evaluating hardware, software and integrated systems options
      * Estimating, purchasing and deployment of equipment and personnel using IT
      * Customer information, work management, and control systems
      * Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) within your IT system
      * Managing facilities and outside plant using IT

      The Cesii Advisory Board is issuing an industry-wide, global Call for
      This is your opportunity to share your expertise and experience with your
      colleagues from throughout the hemisphere and Europe.

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