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GEOSTATS: GIS and Decision Support - Call for Papers

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  • Duane F. Marble
    http://www.cba.hawaii.edu/hicss Papers are invited for the minitrack Geographic Information Systems for Decision Support as part of the Modeling Technologies
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 1998
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      Papers are invited for the minitrack "Geographic Information
      Systems for Decision Support" as part of the Modeling Technologies
      and Intelligent Systems Track at the Hawaii International Conference
      on System Sciences (HICSS).

      The primary objective of this Minitrack is to investigate the
      interface between GIS technology and management decision making. The
      goal of DSS in general is to deploy computing technology to
      significantly improve the quality of critical strategic and tactical
      decisions. GIS technology provides ample opportunities for
      extending the scope and effectiveness of decision support for the
      many real-world management problems with an explicit spatial-
      temporal context.

      A secondary objective of this Minitrack is to promote
      interdisciplinary interest between the MIS and GIS research
      communities. MIS researchers are just beginning to realize the
      extent to which GIS can enhance traditional information systems
      whereas GIS researchers have been trying for years, with limited
      success, to bring attention to the unique spatial aspects of many
      traditional management problems. This forum presents a window for
      a rich exchange of perspectives.

      Authors are invited to submit papers on topics involving the
      application of GIS and spatial analysis to decision support
      including, but not limited to:

      * Integration of GIS with operations research and management
      science models (e.g., math programming, decision analysis,
      statistics, discrete event simulation, queuing, network flow,
      * DSS applications that employ significant GIS technology
      * GIS and Web-based applications
      * GIS and data mining applications
      * GIS and data warehousing

      Minitrack Chair

      Dr. Duane F. Marble
      Department of Geography Telephone: (614) 292-2250
      The Ohio State University Fax: (614) 292-6213
      Columbus, OH 43210 E-mail: marble.1@...


      March 15, 1998: 300-word abstract submitted to track chairs or
      minitrack chairs for guidance and indication of
      appropriate content.

      June 1, 1998: Full papers (see instructions below) submitted
      to the appropriate minitrack chair. All papers
      will be refereed.

      Aug. 31, 1998: Notification of accepted papers mailed to

      Oct. 1, 1998: Accepted manuscripts, camera-ready, sent to
      minitrack chair; author(s) must register by
      this time.

      Nov. 15, 1998: All other registrations must be received.
      Registrations received after this deadline may
      not be accepted due to space limitations.

      Instructions for Submitting Papers:

      * Submit 6 (six) copies of the full paper, consisting of 20 - 25
      pages double-spaced including title page, abstract, references
      and diagrams directly to the minitrack coordinator.

      * Do not submit the paper to more than one minitrack. The paper
      should contain original material and not be previously
      published or currently submitted for consideration elsewhere.

      * Each paper must have a title page that includes the title,
      full name of all authors, and their complete addresses
      including affiliation(s), telephone number(s) and e-mail
      address (es).

      * The first page of the paper should include the title and a
      300-word abstract.

      The Geographic Information Systems for Decision Support Minitrack
      is a part of the Modeling Technologies and Intelligent Systems
      Track of the Thirty-second Annual Hawaii International Conference
      on Systems Sciences (HICSS). Other minitracks that focus on a
      variety of research topics in this track are Soft Computing,
      Web-based Modeling, and Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. For
      more information on these other minitracks contact the track chair:

      Dan Dolk
      Naval Postgraduate School

      The purpose of HICSS is to provide a forum for the interchange of
      ideas, research results, development activities, and applications
      among academicians and practitioners in computer-based systems
      sciences. The conference consists of tutorials, advanced seminars,
      presentations of accepted papers, open forum, task forces, and
      plenary and distinguished guest lectures. There is a high degree
      of interaction and discussion among the conference participants
      because the conference is conducted in a workshop-like setting.

      Professor Duane F. Marble E-mail: marble.1@...
      Dept. of Geography Home Page: http://www.geography.ohio-state.edu
      The Ohio State University Telephone: (614) 292-2250
      Columbus, OH 43210 Fax: (614) 292-6213

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