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GEOSTATS: Spatial Statistics of Disease Patterns - Post Doctoral positions

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  • Geoffrey M. Jacquez
    Spatial Statistics of Disease Patterns Post-doctoral Positions (Two)- (Please Post) The University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Department of
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 1998
      Spatial Statistics of Disease Patterns Post-doctoral Positions (Two)-

      (Please Post)

      The University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Department of
      Epidemiology, and BioMedware, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI announce a collaborative
      research and training effort to (1) produce software for surveillance and
      analysis of disease clusters, local spatial autocorrelation statistics,
      and related techniques, and (2) prepare and evaluate educational modules
      for teaching spatial analytic theory and methods applied to human he alth
      data. This two-year effort, to begin April 1998, is funded by the Small
      business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) program of the National
      Cancer Institute. Two new full-time, two-year post-doctoral positions are
      The University of Michigan position as Research Fellow (75%
      curriculum development; 25% research) involves collaboration with the PIs
      in preparing and presenting a graduate level course addressing "Spatial
      Analysis of Disease Pattern and Process." This course will integrate
      spatial statistical software from BioMedware and other sources into
      web-based and traditional instructional materials. The Research Fellow is
      expected to take a leadership role in preparing these materials, assisting
      with the course, appraising the usefulness of the software, and evaluating
      the knowledge gained by students. In addition, application of these and
      other techniques to ongoing research is expected, as is publication of
      results. The successful candidate will possess a strong background in
      epidemiology and quantitative techniques and an interest in both teaching
      and research. Familiarity with techniques used in the spatial analysis of
      human health data and knowledge of web-based instructional methods is
      important. Salary will be commensurate with experience.
      The second position as Research Associate at BioMedware (75%
      software development, 25% research) will involve programming and testing
      of novel spatial statistical methods to elucidate exposure and
      transmission processes involving spatially-referenced disease data. This
      position entails (1) substantially revising a prototype software (called
      GeoMed) to incorporate new techniques (e.g. local spatial autocorrelation
      statistics, general and focused disease cluster tests, and methods for
      disease surveillance and outbreak investigation), (2) assisting in writing
      a User's Manual for the software, and (3) conducting statistical power
      comparisons of these new techniques. The successful candidate will
      possess a working knowledge of spatial statistical methods and of
      higher-level programming languages such as C and Pascal. Excellent
      written and oral communication skill are required for both positions, as
      is the ability to work in a team environment. Familiarity with GIS and
      spatial analysis is a strong plus. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

      To apply to either position, submit a letter of interest
      summarizing your qualifications and identifying which position you are
      applying for. Include a current C.V. and the names and contact
      information of 3 professional references. Applicants must be U.S. citizens
      or legally eligible to work in the United States.

      University of Michigan and Biomedware are Non-discriminatory/Affirmative
      Action Employers

      Send material to:
      Dr. Geoffrey Jacquez
      516 North State Street
      Ann Arbor, MI 48104
      (734) 913-1098 (734) 913-2201 fax
      ~ Geoffrey M. Jacquez ~
      ~ BioMedware ~
      ~ 516 North State Street ~
      ~ Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1236 ~
      ~ (313) 913-1098 ~
      ~ (313) 913-2201 fax ~
      ~ Jacquez@... ~
      ~ http://ic.net/~biomware ~

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