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GEOSTATS: Conference: Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA 1998 June 1-3. http://www.erim.org/CONF/conf.html Conference Topics Information Requirements and New Information Sources
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 1998
      Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

      1998 June 1-3.


      Conference Topics

      Information Requirements and New Information Sources

      Site-specific through global scales
      Data collection technology (satellite, airborne, and field)
      Sensors (hyperspectral, fluorescence, lidar, microwave)
      Dissemination (subscription, Internet, on-line services, direct

      New Developments in Geospatial Data Processing and Analysis

      Image processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence
      Resource development, yield, and growth modeling
      Stress presence and location

      Geospatial Decision Support: Strategies, Case Studies, and Applications

      Integration of remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and other meta-data
      sources (meteorology, soil condition, terrain)
      Inventory, forecasting, and conservation systems
      Crop, forestry, and rangeland management
      Environmental, wildlife habitat, and natural resources management
      Soil conservation and water management
      Integrated pest and disease management
      Precision agriculture and forestry (Cyberfarm) case studies
      Natural disaster assessment (drought, flood, wind, fire)
      Economic benefits

      Socioeconomic and Policy Implications of Geospatial Information

      Data/information ownership and confidentiality
      High-efficiency, low-technology farming for developing countries
      Sustainable management of agriculture, range, and forest lands
      Impact on commodities and futures markets
      Legislative regulations affecting agriculture and forestry
      Environmental risk assessment

      Future Directions in Geospatial Information

      User education, training, and certification
      Academic development of geospatial technology professionals in
      agriculture and forestry
      Areas for future research

      Interested contributors should send the enclosed Paper Submission Form
      with a one-page summary of 250 words
      maximum by 2 February 1998. Include the conference topic addressed.
      Notification of your paper's acceptance and an
      author's kit will be mailed immediately . Your camera-ready paper will
      be due by 2 March 1998. The conference
      Proceedings, which include both general and interactive session papers,
      will be distributed at the meeting

      Accepted summaries received electronically can be accessed on the World
      Wide Web before and after the conference.
      You can submit electronically either via the submission form available
      at the ERIM website or by e-mail using any standard
      word processing language or ASCII text. Please submit to one address

      Electronic submissions:

      E-mail: agriculture@...
      Website: http://www.erim.org/CONF/ag.html

      Written and faxed summaries and inquiries:

      ERIM Agriculture/Forestry Conference
      P.O. Box 134001
      Ann Arbor, MI 48113-4001
      Telephone: 1-313-994-1200, ext. 3234, Fax: 1-313-994-5123
      Inquiries only: wallman@...

      Gregoire Dubois Tel. 39-332-78.99.44
      Joint Research Centre Fax. 39-332-78.54.66
      Environment Inst. TP 321 Email: gregoire.dubois@...
      I-21020 Ispra (Va), ITALY URL: http://curie.ei.jrc.it/

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