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GEOSTATS: Conference: Geographic Information Systems in Public Health

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Public Health 3rd National Conference August 17-21, 1998 Town and Country Resort & Convention Center San Diego,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 1997
      Geographic Information Systems
      (GIS) in Public Health

      3rd National Conference

      August 17-21, 1998
      Town and Country
      Resort & Convention Center
      San Diego, California

      Pre-Conference Workshops
      August 17

      Commemorating the US Public Health Service's 200 years of public health
      Preliminary Announcement
      and Call for Papers

      For centuries, health professionals have relied on the use of drawn maps

      in efforts to locate and identify changes in human disease. Recent
      advances in the development and applications of Geographic Information
      System (GIS) technology have modernized the spatial analysis of
      diseases and environmental contaminants in the environment. GIS
      provides a relatively easy tool for the overlay and analysis of
      disparate data sets that relate to one another by location on the
      earth's surface. The growing availability and access to local,
      regional, national, and international health, demographic, and
      environmental databases is propelling major advances in computerized
      spatial and spatial statistical analyses. The developments offer
      unprecedented opportunities for health professionals as we enter the
      21st century.

      The 1998 GIS in Public Health conference will be held August 17-20 in
      San Diego, California. All sessions will be held at the Town and
      Country Resort and Conference Center. The conference is sponsored by
      the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) with
      institutional cosponsors including the Centers for Disease Control and
      Prevention (CDC), Bureau of the Census, US Environmental Protection
      Agency (USEPA), the US Geological Survey (USGS), American Public Health
      Association (APHA) and the National Association of County and City
      Health Officials (NAACHO).

      On behalf of all of the sponsors, we invite your participation in this
      timely conference for discussions with our international group of
      professionals in the field of GIS and public health. We invite you to
      hear what your colleagues have done, tell us what you have learned, and
      to share your ideas with those who may help you bring them to

      GIS in Health Workshops are also being planned for the day before the
      conference starts (Monday, August 17, 1998). Two all-day sessions will
      provide an introduction to the use of GIS in the health sciences, and an

      opportunity to learn more about spatial statistics with health data.
      More information will become available in the Conference Registration
      brochure, to be published in early 1998.
      Implementation and Operations
      Disease Surveillance
      Environmental Health Protection
      Social/Demographic Analyses

      Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
      Environmental Surveillance Systems
      Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases and Toxic Illnesses
      Systematized Data Collection Systems
      Assessment of Health Risk
      Data Clearinghouses and Data Access Systems
      Assessment and Allocation of Health Services
      Environmental Exposure and Risk
      Environmental Justice
      Disease Incidence/Mortality Mapping
      Disease Cluster Investigations and Mapping
      Health Registries
      Use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in Health
      Spatial Data Quality
      Issues of Scale in Spatial Analysis
      Geocoding Tools and Techniques
      Confidentiality Protection for Health Data
      Metadata Development Tools and Issues
      Regional Investigations and Trends
      Energy and Defense Health Applications

      Instructions for Abstract and Presentation Preparation

      Abstracts for the 1998 GIS in Public Health Conference
      must be received by April 1, 1998 at:

      GIS in Public Health Conference
      Visions USA, Inc.
      57 Forsyth Street, NW
      Atlanta, Georgia 30303

      Electronic submission of abstracts is preferred, either via the online
      abstract submission form accessible January 1, 1998 from ATSDR's Home
      Page (www.atsdr1.atsdr.cdc.gov:8080), e-mail (GIS@...), or on a 3.5"

      diskette in WordPerfect or Word. Authors unable to submit their
      abstracts electronically may use an abstract form available on request
      from Visions USA.

      Abstracts are selected competitively on the basis of:
      clear substantive writing
      new information
      topics suitable to the conference
      finished (not planned) projects

      Papers must not be developed to market specific products or services.

      If your abstract is accepted, you are committed to making a presentation

      at the meeting. All presenters are expected to register for the
      conference and assume responsibility for their own transportation and

      Presentations will be assigned as paper or posted sessions, at the
      discretion of the Program Planning Committee. If you have a preference
      for a poster or oral presentation, please specify it on your abstract
      submission. Accepted presentations will be organized by the program
      committee into specialty sessions based on the topic of the submission.

      Conference Registration

      A non-refundable Conference registration fee of $100 must accompany
      registration. This includes access to all plenary, poster, breakout,
      and panel discussions, users groups, conference materials and conference

      proceedings and receptions. It does not include lunch, evening meals,
      nor accomodations. All presenters are expected to register for the
      conference. Further Information on conference registration will be
      available in early January 1998 at ATSDR's Home Page and in a subsequent



      The Town and Country Resort and Convention Center will provide a single
      room rate of $84.00 (including tax) per night for all conference
      participants. In addition, the hotel will offer this afforable rate for

      3 days prior to and after the conference so that you may plan an
      extended stay with the hotel to see the areas many sights. Situated in
      Mission Valley, the Town and Vountry gives you easy access to the charms

      of San Diego, with many attractions accessible via the new Mission
      Valley trolley stop located at the hotel. The airport and Amtrack
      stations are only 10 minutes away. For reservations, call toll free:
      1-800-77-ATLAS (28527). Request the special "GIS Conference" room rate

      when you make your reservations.
      Oral Presentations

      Oral presentations are limited to 25 minutes (20-minute talk and
      5-minute discussion), and one presenting author. Speakers are to pay
      particular attention to the quality of their visual aids, rehearse their

      presentation thoroughly, and stay within their allotted time. A 35-mm
      slide projector, overhead projector, and a computer projector will be
      available in each session's meeting room. A slide preview room will be
      available throughout the meeting for those who wish to preview their
      slides before the presentation.

      Poster Presentations

      Posters will be on display continuously during the conference. A 4' x
      8' space will be available for each poster. Abstract numbers, titles,
      names, and affiliations should appear on the top of the poster.
      Lettering for the abstract number and title should be at least one inch
      in height. The author's names and affiliation may be somewhat smaller.
      The use of maps and tables in the presentation is encouraged. During
      the conference, there will be a poster social where authors are expected

      to be available to discuss the details of their work.

      A poster backing will be provided for each poster. Velcro or push pins
      will also be provided for hanging your presentation. Because of the
      nature of the conference, we encourage map and graphical displays in
      poster presentations.
      Conference Steering Committee

      Dr. Bill Henriques, Chair
      Ms. Candy Davis
      Dr. Virginia Lee
      Mr. Monty Howie
      ATSDR, Atlanta, Georgia

      Dr. Fred Broome
      US Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC

      Dr. Charles Croner
      National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, Maryland

      Ms. Cheryl Connelly
      National Association of County and City
      Health Officials (NACCHO), Washington, DC

      Dr. Steve Guptill
      US Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia

      Mr. Eric Juzenas, JD
      American Public Health Association (APHA)
      Washington, DC

      Dr. Chester Moore
      National Center for Infectious Diseases, Ft. Collins, Colorado

      Mr. Timothy O'Leary
      Association of State and Territory Health Officials
      Washington, DC

      Dr. Susan Perlin
      US Environmental Protection Agency
      Washington, DC

      Dr. Jon Sperling
      US Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC
      Conference Advisory Committee
      Dr. Barry L. Johnson, Assistant Surgeon General
      Assistant Administrator, ATSDR

      Dr. Karl Longley
      Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science
      California State University at Fresno

      Robert C. Williams, P.E.
      Director, Division of Health Assessment and Consultation
      ATSDR, Atlanta, Georgia


      Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
      US Environmental Protection Agency
      US Geological Survey
      US Census Bureau
      American Public Health Association
      National Association of County and City Health Officials
      Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

      Gregoire Dubois Tel. 39-332-78.99.44
      Joint Research Centre Fax. 39-332-78.54.66
      Environment Inst. TP 321 Email: gregoire.dubois@...
      I-21020 Ispra (Va), ITALY URL: http://curie.ei.jrc.it/

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