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Re: GEOSTATS: listserver for S-PLUS users

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    ... Any mail related to spatial data analysis is welcome on ai-geostats. Question b is not directly related to spatial analysis and ai-geostats is therefore
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 1997
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      Norm Finkelstein wrote:
      > Hello to all,
      > I'm looking for the [e-mail address of] listserver for S-PLUS users and I
      > seem to be unable to locate it; would anybody have any idea where it is.
      > Also, I am not quite clear as to which queries would be appropriate to
      > post to this server and which to the S-PLUS one. My two queries
      > deal with:
      > (a) export of intensity of point patterns (smoothed quartic kernel)
      > image back to GIS from S-PLUS (SPLANCS), and;

      > (b) conversion of a non-S-SPLUS format (character) column of 'yyyy/mm/dd
      > form to S-PLUS formats (date: mm/dd/yy or julian) for use in
      > space-time clustering analysis in SPLANCS module.
      > I would appreciate if somebody could illuminate the
      > distinction(s) in the queries to be posted at this listserver and the
      > S-PLUS listserver, preferably employing my two queries as samples.

      Any mail related to spatial data analysis is welcome on ai-geostats. Question
      b is not directly related to spatial analysis and ai-geostats is therefore
      not the right place for such posting.

      So here is more about Splus:


      Requests to be added or dropped from the `S-news' list should be sent
      to the electronic mail address `s-news-request@...'.
      Sending a one line message saying either `subscribe' or `unsubscribe'
      will suffice.

      Please *do not* send such requests to `s-news@...'
      since any mail sent to this address is automatically forwarded to
      thousands of other users.

      Your local site may have many subscribers to `S-news'. In that
      case, it may have a local mailing list, so that a single message from
      `utstat.toronto.edu' is sent to the site and propagated to the local
      list. In this case please contact your system administrator to be added
      to or dropped from the local `S-news' list.

      Due to the existence of these local lists, `S-news-request' is
      administrated manually. Hence subscribe and unsubscribe requests are
      not fulfilled instantaneously. They will be handled in a timely manner,
      so please be patient.


      Frequently Asked Questions about S/S-PLUS

      Current FAQ Version: 1.23
      Last Updated: Nov. 17, 1995
      Update: S-PLUS Version 3.3 Available

      Note that the S-news mailing list has a Frequently Asked Questions
      (FAQ) document. The document contains answers to some of the most
      frequently asked questions in the S-news mailing list and
      sci.stat.math newsgroup about S and S-PLUS. They're all good
      questions, but they come up often enough that substantial net
      bandwidth can be saved by looking there first before asking.

      StatSci now has their own Web site which provides useful
      material which is largely complementary to that provided in the FAQ.
      The URL for this site is http://www.statsci.com/

      The FAQ was initiated by Shanti Gomatam and B. Narasimhan, and is
      currently available in ASCII, TeXInfo, and HTML versions. These are
      maintained by Charles Roosen (charles@...) with the
      gracious assistance of Martin Maechler and many subscribers to the
      S-news mailing list.

      The primary document is the TeXInfo file. The HTML version is
      automatically produced from the TeXInfo version using `texi2html'. The
      ASCII version is produced from the TeXInfo using `makeinfo'.

      The easiest way to view the FAQ is to use a Web browser such as Mosaic.
      The URL is


      The FAQ is also available by anonymous FTP. The most recent version
      is archived at `ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch' in directory `/pub/Doc' in
      the following formats:

      S-faq.txt ASCII version
      S-faq.info for (Emacs) info reader [menu,...]
      S-faq.ps Postscript
      S-faq.ps.gz Postscript COMPRESSED by 'gzip'
      [use binary FTP then uncompress using gunzip]

      The FAQ is also archived at Statlib, although the version there may
      lag behind the one at ethz.ch. Statlib may be reached by anonymous
      FTP at `lib.stat.cmu.edu'. Two versions of the FAQ are kept in the
      `/S' directory:

      faq ASCII version
      faq.texinfo TeXInfo version (not current)

      For example, to obtain S-faq.txt from ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch:

      csh> ftp ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch
      Name (ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch:charles): anonymous
      331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
      ftp> cd pub/Doc
      250 CWD command successful.
      ftp> get S-faq.txt

      > Additionally, I would be interested to hear from anybody who'd used
      > kriging in modelling air pollution (TSP, PM-10, SO2, PAH, etc.) at the
      > reception end (as opposed to emitting); if they are interested and have
      > time to spare, we could compare notes on kriging methods, relevance of TSA
      > in a wind-driven phenomenon, assumptions, etc.
      > Thanks to all who will respond,
      > Norm Finkelstein
      > ************************************************************************
      > ** Norm Finkelstein * Institute of Environment and Health **
      > ** Research Assistant * Environmental Health Programme **
      > ** Air & Water Pollution * McMaster University **
      > ** GIS & Spatial Statistics * Hamilton, Ontario, Canada **
      > ************************************************************************

      Best regards


      <Moderator of the ai-geostats mailing list>
      *To post a message to the list, send it to ai-geostats@....
      *As a general service to list users, please remember to post a summary
      of any useful responses to your questions.
      *To unsubscribe, send email to majordomo@... with no subject and
      "unsubscribe ai-geostats" in the message body.
      DO NOT SEND Subscribe/Unsubscribe requests to the list!
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