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GEOSTATS: Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, geoENV98

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Greetings to all, You will find here enclosed the call for papers for the Second European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, geoENV98,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 1997
      Greetings to all,

      You will find here enclosed the call for papers for the Second European
      Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, geoENV98, to
      be held in Valencia, Spain, November 18-20, 1998.
      Updated information will be posted in our web page at



      The workshop and all conference sessions will be held at Universidad
      Politecnica de Valencia, Spain.


      Authors are encouraged to present papers, with innovative and practical
      applications of geostatistics for environmental studies. Papers should
      focus on typical problems of environmental relevance such as water, air
      and soil pollution, groundwater quality control, climatology, toxic and
      nuclear waste disposal, contaminated site remediation, epidemiology or


      31 January 1998, Deadline for submission of abstracts.

      28 February 1998, Notification of
      acceptance for oral or
      poster presentation.

      Organizing Committee

      J. Jaime Gomez-Hernandez, UPV, Spain, (chair)
      Andras Bardossy, U. Stuttgart, Germany
      Bruce Buxton, Batelle, USA
      Ghislain de Marsily, U. Paris VI, France
      Roland Froidevaux, FSS Int., Switzerland
      Pierre Goovaerts, U. of Michigan, USA
      Paul Fernandes, U. of Aberdeen, UK
      Pascal Monestiez, INRA, France
      Edzer Pebesma, U. Amsterdam, Holland
      Thomas Ptak, U. Tuebingen, Germany
      Xavier Sanchez-Vila, UPC, Spain
      Amilcar Soares, IST, Portugal
      Hans Wackernagel, E. de Mines, Paris, France

      Conference Secretariat

      Second Conference and Workshop on Geostatistics for Environmental
      c/o Departamento de Ingenieria Hidraulica
      Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos
      Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
      46071 Valencia - Spain

      Tel: + 34 6 3877610
      Fax: + 34 6 3877618

      E-mail: geoENV98@...
      WWW: http://origen.dihma.upv.es/geoENV98

      Abstract submission

      An extended abstract of 300-500 words (in English) should be received by
      the secretariat by January 31st, 1998. The abstracts should be
      sufficiently clear to facilitate selection by the Scientific Committee.

      Include postal and e-mail addresses, as well as a fax number of the
      contact author.


      Papers presented at the Conference will be published in a hard cover
      volume after peer review. Most probably in the Kluwer series in which
      the previous geoENV proceedings have already been published.

      About the Workshop:

      The Workshop on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications will be
      held prior to the conference on November 16 and 17, 1998.

      The objective of this workshop is to present an intuitive introduction
      on geostatistical methods as applied to problems found in environmental
      studies. The basic concepts will be illustrated through a real case
      study using interactive software

      Who should attend:
      This workshop is aimed at professionals involved in the analysis of
      spatial data sets for environmental studies.

      Course Material:
      Each participant will receive an extensive set of lecture notes.

      Roland Froidevaux, FSS International
      J. Jaime Gomez-Hernandez, UPV
      Amilcar Soares, IST

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