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Re: GEOSTATS: Nested Median Indicator Kriging

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  • Matthew Kay
    Hi Ian, ... Have you looked at: Nested Indicator Approach for ore reserve estimation in highly variable mineralisation 92nd General Meeting of Canadian
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 1997
      Hi Ian,
      > I am chasing up any reference(s) on the Nested Median Indicator Kriging
      > technique of estimation. I believe that this was first proposed by
      > Michel Dagbert, but I have so far failed to find any references in the
      > literature.

      Have you looked at:

      "Nested Indicator Approach for ore reserve estimation in highly variable
      mineralisation" 92nd General Meeting of Canadian Institute of Mining


      "Sequential modelling of relative indicator variables; dealing with
      multiple lithology", Dimitrakopoulos & Dagbert, Geostatistics Troia '92
      Soares-Amilcar (editor) xx SO: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Dordrect,
      Netherlands. 1993.

      The second is easier to get and easier to read (I have to say the second
      thing as Prof. Dimitrakopoulos is my supervisor!)

      hope this helps


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