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GEOSTATS: 3Plot Beta test reminder

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  • Vasiliy V. Demyanov
    Dear Colleagues, first of all we would like to thank everybody who took part in the beta testing of 3Plot software and send us their comments. Since the summer
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 1997
      3Plot Software

      3Plot Software3Plot

      � 1995-97 Version 2.6 BETA, June 1997

      3Plot is a spatial data exploration program as well as a general purpose 2-D pre- and postprocessor for Geostatisticalpackages, such as Geostatistical Software Library (GSLIB ). 3Plotwas developed according to methodology of spatial data analysis. It contains various tools most frequently used while dealing with spatially distributed data. Designing 3Plot, we tried to include in it the most useful and popular instruments which had not been put together in one softwarepackage so far (see the structure scheme of the program):

      • Preliminary statistical analysis - summary statistics, moving window statistics;
      • Converting co-ordinates from geographic system to Lambert projection and backwards;
      • Monitoring network structure analysis - (triangulation, Voronoi polygons);
      • Data 2-D colour visualisation with interactivepoint value and co-ordinate tracing:
        • Post plot of data on arbitrary grid;
        • Mosaic map of data on a rectangular grid;
        • Data contouring using triangulation algorithm;
      • Adding x,y co-ordinates for spatially distributed variable on a 2D rectangular regular grid, (GSLIB post processing);
      • Read/write SURFER ASCII grid file;
      • Link to Geographic Informational Systems(GIS)
      • Image tools including copy to clipboardand zoom.

      3Plot is run under MS Windows95 or Windows 3.x and contains easy to operate user interface. The software is fully documented and supplied with a detailed help file.

      NOW! Full version of 3Plot32 is available for BETA testing period from June to September, 1997.

      Download 3Plot32 BETA

      There is a shareware version 3Plot97 available. 3Plot97 includes all the procedures of 3Plot but is restricted to 97 samples in the data file underconsideration.

      Download 3Plot97

      If you are interested in the complete 3Plot version do not hesitateto contact us:


      For further information about 3Plot feel free to contact us at:

      Dr.M. Kanevski, Dr. S. Chernov,V. Demyanov
      Nuclear Safety Institute, System Analysis Laboratory
      52, B. Tulskaya, Moscow, 113191, Russia
      Fax: (7 095) 202 86 22
      Phone: (7 095) 955 2636.

      3Plot structure and interaction scheme. Click on the image to see the full screen scheme.

      3Plot structure scheme

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