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  • Stephan Pollard
    (Please forgive any multiple messages from crossposting.) *** ANNOUNCING *** the Release of the SECOND EDITION of the ... http://www.cast.uark.edu/jpgis/ by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 1997
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      (Please forgive any multiple messages from crossposting.)

      *** ANNOUNCING ***
      Release of the SECOND EDITION
      of the
      Stephan Pollard

      The just released second edition continues the information transfer of
      the first in an even more thorough, updated, and polished manner.
      Thousands of lines of new information have been added across all
      categories along with several new directories and data set descriptions.
      The result reflects literally thousands of interesting, enjoyable and
      freely given hours of research. Originally the product of Master's
      thesis efforts in 1996 the Guide has rapidly become the premier
      Web-based resource to comprehensive information on Japanese GIS and
      related Mapping Sciences.

      For those of you new to the Guide it attempts to bring together under
      one cover as much information as reasonably possible on the title and
      topic, without commercial endorsements of products, vendors, or
      contractors. The Guide is designed to serve as an introduction to the
      intriguing, extensive, and varied world of Japanese GIS, remote sensing,
      geospatial data products, maps, activities and information sources. It
      serves primarily to help English-speaking geographic information systems
      and remote sensing specialists, engineers, geographers, cartographers,
      geologists, production managers, computer and data processing
      professionals, and marketing and sales executives. Additions,
      corrections, and comments are very welcome.

      TEL: (1) (501) 575-6159 Stephan POLLARD FAX: (1) (501) 575-5218
      Research Specialist
      Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)
      Ozark Hall #12
      University of Arkansas
      Fayetteville, Arkansas USA 72701
      http://www.cast.uark.edu/~sp/ http://www.cast.uark.edu/
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