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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Greetings to all, a nice initiative which is probably interesting for most of the ai-geostats subscribers: JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION AND DECISION
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 1997
      Greetings to all,

      a nice initiative which is probably interesting for most of the
      ai-geostats subscribers:

      URL: http://www.geog.uwo.ca/gimda/journal/journal.htm

      The Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis (JGIDA) is a
      new electronic journal that is available on the World Wide Web. The
      primary objective of JGIDA is to provide an open, peer-reviewed forum for
      the rapid dissemination of current research on geographic
      information-based decision analysis. The electronic medium in which the
      journal is published provides unique opportunities for data presentation,
      animation, and interaction that traditional publications cannot
      accommodate. The Journal is committed to minimizing publication delays,
      and to promoting maximum flexibility in the ways that readers use the
      journal. It is intended to complement the traditional media, not replace

      JGIDA solicits manuscripts on all facets of geographic information and
      decision analysis, but encourages those subjects which can best be
      communicated through the electronic medium: subjects of topical interest
      where speed is an important factor; subjects that employ color, sound, and
      video. Papers on integrating geographic information systems and decision
      making methodologies will be particularly welcome. To this end, the topics
      include, but are not limited to:

      **theoretical, methodological, philosophical and algorithmic aspects
      related to the design and development of geo-information-based decision
      support systems

      **applications of these systems to:
      -agriculture and rural planning
      -environmental management
      -health care
      -land suitability and land use planning
      -production and operations management
      -public and private facilities location and management
      -real estate
      -retailing and marketing management
      -natural hazards management
      -logistics and transportation management and planning
      -urban and regional planning
      -water resources management



      *Jacek Malczewski
      Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario, Canada

      Consulting Editors:

      *Luis A. Bojorquez-Tapia
      Centro de Ecologia, UNAM, Mexico

      *Steven J. Carver
      School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK

      *Stephen M. Ervin
      Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, USA

      *Brenda G. Faber

      *Piotr Jankowski
      Department of Geography, University of Idaho, USA

      *Ron Janssen
      Institute for Environmental Studies, Free University, The Netherlands

      *Peter Keller
      Department of Geography, University of Victoria, Canada

      *Alexander V. Lotov
      Laboratory of Mathematical Models for Economic Analysis, Russian Academy
      of Sciences, Russia

      *Bryan H. Massam
      Department of Geography, York University, Canada

      *Brian E. Mennecke
      Decision Sciences Department, School of Business, East Carolina
      University, USA

      *Hans-Peter Nachtnebel
      Institute for Water Management, Hydrology & Hydraulic Engineering,
      University of Renewable Natural Resources, Austria

      *Timothy L. Nyerges
      Department of Geography, University of Washington, USA

      *Wlodek Ogryczak
      Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Warsaw University, Poland

      *Eric Reichard
      US Geological Survey, USA

      *Rene F. Reitsma
      CADSWES/CEAE, University of Colorado, USA

      *Mark A. Ridgley
      Department of Geography, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

      *Piet Rietveld
      Department of Economics, Free University, The Netherlands

      *Slobodan P. Simonovic
      Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada

      *Jean-Claude Thill
      Department of Geography, SUNY at Buffalo & NCGIA, USA

      *Jean-Philippe Waaub
      Department de Geographie, UQAM, Canada

      *Nigel M. Waters
      Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada

      *Margaret Wiecek
      Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, USA

      Best regards


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