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GEOSTATS: First Isatis Users Meeting, June 9-10, 1997

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  • Brigitte Hogan
    We are proud to announce the First Isatis Users Meeting adressing the Oil and gas Industry : ... Agip : Livia Bazzana Amoco:
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      We are proud to announce the First Isatis Users Meeting adressing the
      Oil and gas Industry :

      The participants:

      Agip : Livia Bazzana
      Amoco: Mike Ross and Steve Winter
      Anadarko Algeria Oil : Richard Drumheller, Todd Fowler and
      Akli Tegmount
      Beb : Willy Hack
      Enterprise Oil: Jon Wardell
      Gaz de France: Bertrand Coureaud
      Geomath : Jeffrey Yarus
      Institut Francais du Petrole : Brigitte Doligez and Abdelaziz Faraj
      Lasmo Plc: Ashley Francis
      Nam : E. Gevers
      Shell : Yvan Pannatier
      Statoil : Valerie Langlais
      Total : Jean Luc Piazza

      Centre de Geostatistique:
      Christian Lantuejoul
      Didier Renard
      Yves Touffait
      Yuri Voitsekhovsky
      Hans Wackernagel

      Jacques Deraisme
      Brigitte Hogan
      Frederic Rambert
      Ludovic Robinot

      you can reach them all together using the e-mail adress:


      Venue: Hotel Mercure
      41, rue Royale
      77300 Fontainebleau
      tel 33 (0) 1 64 69 34 34
      fax 33 (0) 1 64 69 34 39


      Monday, June 9, 1997

      -9.00 Welcome
      Introduction of the participants (Jacques Deraisme

      10.00 "A standard tool for multivariate EDA and Modeling: Principal
      Component Analysis" (Hans Wackernagel
      Centre de Geostatistique)

      10.45 Break

      11.15 "3D Velocity Modeling Building using a Geostatistical Approach"
      (Mike Ross - Amoco)

      12.00 Lunch

      14.00 "Uncertainties in the volume in place, methodology and
      implementation" (Valerie Langlais

      14.45 "Volumetrics post-processing in Isatis" (Didier Renard
      Centre de Geostatistique)

      15.30 Break

      16.00 Import/Export (Frederic Rambert

      16.30 Review and discussion

      Tuesday June 10, 1997

      -9.00 "Iterative Algorithms for conditional simulations"
      (Christian Lantuejoul
      Centre de Geostatistique)

      -9.45 "Geovel, a steering geostatistical tool" (Livia Bazzana

      10.30 Break

      11.00 "Kriging with gradients and external drift"
      (Yuri Voitsekhovsky
      Centre de Geostatistique)

      12.00 Lunch

      14.00 Support and maintenance (Frederic Rambert

      14.30 Open discussion on your requests,
      Isatis version 3.1,
      Future releases
      (Jacques Deraisme &
      Frederic Rambert

      15.30 Break

      16.00 Conclusion (Jacques Deraisme

      you can read the available abstracts on our Web pages:


      Brigitte Hogan
      Sales Manager
      GEOVARIANCES - 38, Av. F. Roosevelt - 77210 AVON - FRANCE
      Phone: +33-(0)- - Fax: +33-(0)-
      Web: http://www.geovariances.fr
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