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  • Vasiliy V. Demyanov
    Dear UpFile users, I have received a number of questions regards UpFile postprocessor, which is available on public domain
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 1997
      Dear UpFile users,
      I have received a number of questions regards UpFile postprocessor, which is available on public domain (http://www.ibrae.ac.ru/~mkanev/eng/Upfile.html or AI Geostat software page). So, I decided to arrange them as a FAQ.

      1. Is it possible to run UpFile under Windows 3.1x?

      UpFile32 is a 32bit software, thus it requires 32bit drivers.
      It is possible to run it under Windows 3.x only when win32s drivers are installed.
      win32s drivers are provided via the Internet in public domain.
      e.g.: http://www.microsoft.com/kb/articles/q122/2/35.htm

      2. Is there a 16bit version of UpFile?

      There is a 16bit version UpFile Plus 2.0, which is run under Windows 3.x
      without win32s drivers. Note, that this is not fully debugged version as the
      current UpFile 3.0 and is no longer supported.

      3. Is it possible to make gray scale images in UpFile?

      It is possible to use any colour palette you wish (only UpFile32 and 3Plot). The sequence of colors in the palette are set in upfile.ini file: [TChart] section.
      New colours can be added by creating a keyword and assigning RGB numbers to it.
      To obtain colours for a gray scale chose appropriate RGB numbers and redefine the colours in the sequence: COLOR000; COLOR001, ...

      4. Which printers and plotters does UpFile support?

      To print out UpFile images you should use Copy to the clipboard function, which places the content of the image window in to the Windows Clipboard. Then you can paste it to any graphical or text editor wich handles images (e.g. Paintbrush, MS Word) and print it out on ANY type of device installed in your Windows operating system.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with the software. We would also appreciate any comments on our programs.

      Best regards,
      Vasiliy Demyanov.

      Institute of Nuclear Safety (IBRAE), Moscow
      B.Tulskaya 52, 113191, Russia
      fax: (7 095) 202 8622
      email mailto:vasya@...

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