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Re: GEOSTATS: DeadLine IAMG'97: january 31st.

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  • Dubois Gregoire
    Greetings, the IAMG conference like other conferences are announced on the ai-geostats conferences & courses Web page at
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13, 1997

      the IAMG conference like other conferences are announced on the
      ai-geostats conferences & courses Web page at


      The IAMG conference is presented there since around 6 months....

      Best regards,


      Eric LEWIN - IPGP Geochimie wrote:
      > Hello all ai-geostatisticians,
      > I am a bit astonished not to have seen this announcement here, though I
      > may have missed it. So, just in case, this recall of the deadline for the
      > IAMG'97 congress, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, september 22-27, 1997,
      > and for which the deadline is this january 31st. More info can be retrieved
      > from http://www.iamg.org/iamg97.html, or asked to iamg97@....
      > Here follows a copy of the third announcement, as found on the cited web site.
      > Third Announcement IAMG'97
      > (update 8/1/97)
      > The organizing committe of the next Association conference, to be held in
      > Barcelona, Spain, September 22-27, 1997, has been busy preparing for the
      > occasion. Everything is going on fine, and there are already 135
      > pre-registrations and 20 abstracts! At this moment events on schedule
      > include 14 short courses and workshops, 4 keynote lectures, and 12 special
      > sessions. Short courses and workshops will be presented in a separate
      > brochure. If you are interested in getting it, please do not forget to send
      > your pre-registration.
      > Keynote lectures:
      > 1. Dr. John Aitchison - Krumbein Medal 1995:
      > "Compositional data analysis"
      > 2. Dr. Georgy Bardossy: "Geomathematics as seen by a geologist
      > (Is there a bridge between geologists and geomathematicians?)"
      > 3. Dr. Qiuming Cheng - President's Prize 1995:
      > "Fractal/multifractal modeling and spatial analysis"
      > 4. Dr. Clayton Deutsch - Presidents Prize 1994:
      > "Constraining Geostatistical Models to Dynamic Flow-Related Data"
      > Technical sessions - topics and conveners:
      > 1. Statistical analysis of compositional data in the earth sciences
      > Conveners: Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn & Zhou Di
      > Topics: methodological approaches to compositional data analysis; software
      > suitable for compositional data analysis; application of new methodologies
      > and case studies.
      > 2. Different views of the Darss Sill data set
      > Conveners: John Davis & Jan Harff
      > 3. Compositional data in petrophysics
      > Conveners: John Doveton & Dan Tetzlaff; Co-sponsors: SPWLA
      > Topics: reviews of compositional solution algorithms; assessment of
      > multiple models; problems such as compositional colinearity, unrealistic
      > composition values, spatial conti-nuity constraints, and logging tool
      > errors, and the match (or mismatch) of mathematical optimality with
      > geological reality.
      > 4. Quantitative Methods in Environmental Geosciences
      > Andrea Fabbri; In cooperation with: COGEOENVIRONMENT
      > Topics: geologic setting as a context to environmental hazard and risk;
      > environmental databases for assessment and prediction; environmental impact
      > assessment and multicriteria decision aids; slope instability, seismic and
      > volcanic hazard; aquifer and soil vulnerability to pollution; GIS and
      > remote sensing in environmental applications; geostatistics and computer
      > simulation in environmental analysis; landscape ecology and geochemistry,
      > geomedicine.
      > 5. Numerical methods in the earth sciences (26th Geochautauqua).
      > Conveners: Andrea Förster & Dan Merriam
      > 6. Seismology, volcanism and geodynamical settings
      > Conveners: Antonella Buccianti & Alex Woronow;
      > In cooperation with GIAST (Group of Informatics Applied to Earth Sciences,
      > C.N.R., Italy)
      > Topics: seismology, geochemistry and petrology related to magmatism at
      > constructive and destructive margins and to within plate magmatism; applied
      > geophysics, integrated geophysical problems, earthquake and volcanology
      > statistics and prediction; management of geophysical data, plate tectonics,
      > application to the Mediterranean area; geodynamical settings, tectonic and
      > magmatic discrimination diagrams; geochemical and petrological modeling:
      > magmatic differentiation processes, mixing phenomena, contamination;
      > compositional data analysis in geochemistry and petrology, methods and
      > diagrams for rocks classification.
      > 7. Developments in computer applications and software in the geosciences.
      > Convener: Eric Grunsky
      > Topics: recent developments in software for the geosciences; developments
      > in computer based methods applied to the geosciences; application of
      > computer based methods in the geosciences.
      > 8. Neural networks, fractals and other concepts in fashion.
      > Conveners: Susanna Sirotinskaya & Frits Agterberg
      > Topics: neural networks versus multivariate statistics; fractals and
      > estimation of fractal dimensions; multifractals and lacunarity analysis;
      > wavelets in stratigraphy; Milankovitsch cycles and geological time-scale
      > construction; unpredictability, randomness and chaos theory in geoscience.
      > 9. Marine Geology.
      > Convener: Karl Stattegger & Bernd J. Haupt
      > Topics: evaluation of proxy-data: statistics, aerial and spatial
      > distributions; trends and periodicities in the sedimentary record;
      > numerical modeling in paleoceanography - large, medium, small scale; mass
      > balancing: water and sediment; particle and sediment transport; modeling of
      > the ocean-basin sediment fill.
      > 10. Geostatistics.
      > Convener: Hans Wackernagel & Ana Fernandez-Militino
      > Topics: linear and multivariate geostatistics; geostatistical approaches to
      > compositional data; non-linear geostatistics; non-stationary geostatistics;
      > conditional simulations; space-time modelling; environmental geostatistics.
      > 11. Modeling subsurface flow.
      > Convener: Jaime Gomez-Hernandez & Clayton V. Deutsch
      > Topics: aquifer/reservoir characterization; use of indirect information to
      > improve subsurface flow modeling; upscaling; inverse modeling; uncertainty
      > assesment in subsurface flow model predictions; case studies based on
      > innovative applications in any of the previous topics.
      > 12. Engeneering geology.
      > Conveners: Heinz Burger & Juan Jose Egozcue-Rubi
      > The organizing committee may reshape the program depending on the interest
      > of the participants. Do not worry if your favorite subject is not included
      > as a main topic. Any contribution related to mathematical geology passing
      > the review of the Scientific Committee will have the right to be in the
      > final program.
      > Abstracts:
      > Interested contributors for oral, poster or software presentations should
      > submit a one- page abstract of 200 to 400 words in English without figures
      > or references before 31 January 1997. Contributions will be selected by
      > peer review of the submitted abstracts by at least two referees. Only the
      > extended abstracts of accepted contributions will be published.
      > Notification of acceptance together with instructions for the camera-ready
      > manuscript (maximum of four pages) will be mailed on 31 March 1997. The
      > final, camera-ready copy will be due before 30 May 1997. Participants at
      > the conference will receive a volume of extended abstracts. Following the
      > conference, authors of selected papers will be invited to present an
      > article to be published in a special volume. Abstracts can be submitted
      > either by regular mail or by e-mail in ASCII or *.RTF format to the con-
      > ference secretariat.
      > Everybody is encouraged to participate. For additional information, please
      > contact the conference secretariat at the following address:
      > Barbara Schmitt
      > IAMG'97 Conference Secretariat
      > CIMNE - International Center for
      > Numerical Methods in Engineering
      > Campus Nord UPC (Edifici C1)
      > E-08034 Barcelona (SPAIN)
      > tel.: +34 - 3 - 401 60 37
      > fax.: +34 - 3 - 401 65 17
      > e-mail: iamg97@...
      > http://www.iam.org/iamg97.html
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