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GEOSTATS: SUM: References for Inverse weighted distance interp.

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Greetings, to my request of papers about IDW written after 1985 (latest paper I know) Watson D. F. & Phillip G.M. (1985) A refinement of Inverse Distance
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 1997
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      to my request of papers about IDW written after 1985
      (latest paper I know)

      Watson D. F. & Phillip G.M. (1985)
      "A refinement of Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation."
      Geoprocessing, 2, pp 315-327

      I have received the following references

      1) D.F. Watson, 1992,

      "CONTOURING: A Guide to the Analysis and Display of
      Spatial Data."

      Pergamon Press.

      2) AUTHOR(s): [Not in database??!]

      "Ore Reserve Estimation."

      Summary: A new method of block calculations using the inverse of
      weighted distance.

      In: E & mj. engineering and mining journal.
      SEP 01 1996 v 197 n 9
      Page: 69

      3) Armstrong, Marc P. & Marciano, Richard

      "Inverse-Distance-Weighted Spatial Interpolation Using
      Parallel Supercomputers."

      Summary: A series of computational experiments was conducted in
      which the number of processors used in parallel was
      systematically increased. The results show a
      substantial reduction in total processing time and speedups
      that are close to linear when the additional processors are

      In: PE&RS : Photogrammetric engineering & remote sensing
      SEP 01 1994 v 60 n 9
      Page: 1097

      Other references are of course welcome.

      Thanks a lot to

      John Hodges <jcfh@...> and Michael Hohn <HOHN@...>

      Best regards,

      Gregoire Dubois (PhD student) Tel. 39-332-78.99.44
      Joint Research Centre Fax. 39-332-78.54.66
      Environment Inst. TP 321 Email: gregoire.dubois@...
      I-21020 Ispra (Va), ITALY URL: http://java.ei.jrc.it/rem/gregoire/
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